Greetings from France!

After running through Belgium, Germany, and France with over 40 revival meetings in the last 30 days we finally have a chance to update you on what is happening here in Europe. Whether, it has been revival meetings in a small local church or a large conference with believers from many different nations being represented, the Holy Spirit is emphasizing the same theme to His people…

1) Passionate worship and service towards the Bridegroom. 2) Holiness, sanctification, and separation from any idols found in this world system. 3) Europe has now become the key battleground to stop the spread of Islam and to destroy the infrastructure of terrorism. 4) A new reformation has begun within the Church that is exposing the houses of worship that are deceptive mirages due to having altars built to glorify man rather than our Abba Father. A serious warning is now being issued to the believers to get out of these places with all haste!

Our family first arrived in Brussels after a very long flight resisting a seducing spirit of sorcery that filled the Boeing 767 cabin. This fight was not just on this flight but one that is now being waged throughout the civilized world! It has come in the form of entertainment based on a fantasy kingdom and one of its main new weapons of camouflage is the horror movie “Harry Potter”! This has to be one of the most blatant operations of the enemy to seduce the minds of our generation with a fascination for the occult and witchcraft that has ever been conceived by those who hate the Lord Jesus the Messiah! I just prayed and wept for those actors to get saved before they unknowingly spend eternity in the Lake of Fire! This end time battle, that became so vivid that night at 37,000 feet, was also revealing to us that the minds and hearts of Europeans actually want to explore and be discipled by this dark fallen realm. It is truly appalling!

In different areas of Germany, our family was confronted with the harsh reality of a people totally given over to satanism, the occult, and the worship of death. There seemed to be a gray haze in the spirit many places we traveled and ministered. This was especially so in the cities that manufactured weapons of mass destruction during WWII and ruthlessly destroyed and slaughtered innocent Jewish people and others who did not deserve to be part of Hitler’s “master race”. Small remnants of believers live in these areas now and the revival services we conducted were so awesome! One German pastor organized a reconciliation service between the German and Jewish people and had our family stand in proxy for the Jewish people. It was glorious as these precious saints shed tears of forgiveness and the oil of unity exploded in our hearts! There was of course much deliverance going on in these services in Germany as unclean spirits manifested and the refiners fire barbecued many! Glory to God!

On a sparsely attended Monday night service in Northern Germany, the Holy Spirit downloaded a monumental message concerning the next reformation in Germany (I believe we are to write a book on this subject and include it as a future volume for The Mysteries of the Glory of God series). This message came with such power that night that the small remnant of believers present crowded the altar and devoured our book and tape table! I began to think on the way back to our hotel, “Abba, in America and Canada you always highlighted vividly for the people a supernatural sign like Tornadoes to validate your key messages of change. And is the Tornado vision that is detailed in our first book The Gentle Whisper of the Secret Place also applicable for Europe… a place that rarely ever has any Tornado activity?” Well to our sudden surprise, Abba did validate and confirm this is His new reformation message! A few days later we received this email-

Hello, Scott! Maybe someone already told you what I say now, but I want to make sure that you´ll know it, it´s amazing! I´m Farin Schmuck, from Nordhorn, Germany – I´m the one that had only 25 € and wanted to have your books and the CD. Thanks a lot, the Books are great and the Music is awesome! But the Story is this: About one week after You visited us and blew the Shofar for Reformation, there was a well known intercessor, Elizabeth Alves, sitting in her car and said ” I see a tornado over Germany!” The driver said no, that´s not possible, there are no tornados in Germany. ( That´s right, but he was wrong ) The next day there was a tornado in the city of Martin Luther, Wittenberg, and even though it has made some million € damage, no people were hurt!! In that same time there have been two big conferences in Germany; one in Passed and one in Dresden. Both have been overshadowed by the vision of the second reformation!! Personally, one week before you met us, I had seen a tornado during a meeting, and danced like one….

Wow, the Tornadoes are even appearing in Germany now! At the very epicenter of the first reformation under Martin Luther in Wittenberg!

Another exciting event was in the South of Germany, a region with a strong United States military presence and bases on high alert against possible terrorists attacks. We at first felt very grieved and vexed in our spirits coming to this area because one place we were to stay was the former hospital where Hitler and his demon possessed medical teams tried to create a genetically perfect Arian race through a program of massive adultery and even preformed medical experiments on Jewish people. The innocent blood of many that cried out from this ground just caused us to want to get out of this region. However to our encouragement, there suddenly appeared over our heads the most brilliant double rainbow and amazingly the rain that was falling looked like liquid drops of gold as the sun was brilliantly shining through! Abba then spoke to us and said He was now visiting Germany and has removed the shame of the her past because the new reformation has now begun…that will eventually cause the German people to be one of the closest friends of Israel and one of the greatest army of missionary workers our generation has ever seen! Can you imagine thousands of Reinhardt Bonnke’s transversing the globe with the fires of revival! Glory to God! Upon that visible sign from Heaven, we poured ourselves out to the many believers that came to that conference from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. During that week of intensive all day revival/prophetic school meetings, I was informed that prior to our coming, 16,000 witches and satanists had met in the nearby mountains in a huge open air amphitheater that was used at one time by Hitler to train the Nazi youth movement. So spontaneously during one evening service we all went to that same amphitheater and had a outdoor worship celebration! The few satanist still left there that night with their drums of incantation were powerfully drowned out by the sound of hundreds of believers shouting out “Seig Heil to Jesus”!!! The Israeli flag was then draped over the platform where formerly Nazi SS officers indoctrinated huge gatherings of German youth. The shofar was sounded for a changing of the guard in the upcoming German elections and the glory haze of His presence totally captivated us into the heavenlies! This event was so powerful and holy that it causes us to weep for joy just thinking and reflecting back on that sacred event!

It was shortly after this event in Germany that our second book “The Mystery of Lawlessness” was released in the French language and is now being distributed in the French fellowships. On the border of France and Germany is a beautiful and historic city called Strasbourg. It was there that we suddenly departed from our itinerary and held three days of revival meetings. We had just finished a conference in a Spirit-filled monastery where the monks have been touched by the fire of God and have begun a deliverance ministry. This catholic site is situated in the beautiful French countryside and again the Holy Spirit showed up in the refiner’s fire of His love. We had a few days now open so we headed to Strasbourg to visit some dear friends…but again the hunger of the believers there spontaneously invited us to conduct more revival meetings. People and leaders from all over the region came and again the shofar anointing came for us to do another historic “shofar drive-by”. The target was the Parliament headquarters building of the European Economic Union and it’s human rights epicenter for Europe. As the shofar was sounded and the crowd of believers shouted, the Lord told us to prophesy against the infrastructure of terrorism in Europe and that sleeper cells of Islamic suicide murders would be discovered. Two weeks later we were informed that a major terrorist attack planned against that very Parliament headquarters in Strasbourg was discovered and stopped with no innocent lives being harmed! Glory to God! We are planning to return to Strasbourg and pour out more of our time to minister to all the hungry believers from that region with a week of extended revival services that has the potential to remain open-ended!

From there we traveled to Poitiers, France to visit a dear friend and pastor who recently in March had a 45-minute out of body experience with Jesus. He tearfully told us that his entire life and ministry has now changed since that encounter and that everything he had previously had done for the Master was burned up by the fire because he had done it with wrong motives. It was very piercing to listen to what the Commander and Chief had to say to one of His key French leaders! This pastor then graciously drove us to Normandy and the American cemetery on Omaha Beach where over 9000 brave young American soldiers are buried in honor of their sacrifice for liberation of Europe from Nazi control. I must admit that this is one of the most anointed and holy places on European soil. The presence of God is so strong at this site because Abba still honors the sacrifice of so many who were slaughtered on those D-Day beaches and the following two months of heavy fighting in Normandy. I was appalled and saddened that so many liberal and proud French people speak so despairingly of Americans, President Bush, and of our country today…perhaps they need to go the Normandy Cemetery and humble their souls as they read the accounts of the local French resistance fighters who said on D-Day that the Omaha beach and Sea was red with the blood of American and Allied friends of France. Later during the day we happened upon a small war museum run by a local French man that was a historic window into the past of the enormous effort that was spent to free Europe. We then went to a former German concrete fortified bunker with its huge battery of guns that overlooked the entire Normandy beach. As we sounded the shofar on those ruins, the Pastor with us began to sense the blood of the martyrs is crying from the ground and that a new volunteer army of believers from America was needed to return to France and help the local resistance fighters against the stranglehold of religion and controlling leaders. Dalit and I humbly submitted our lives on that spot to do our part to see the spiritual liberation of Europe…(can you dear friends also pray about helping us financially increase our ministry’s presence and time on European soil…the harvest is so ripe but the laborers are so few!).

Currently, we are now conducting revival meetings in Montelimar, France with Michael and Natalie Chevalier. We again have decided to extend the revival meetings here because of the hunger of the people. This revival center was started 6 months ago and helps facilitate conferences for people from all over French speaking Europe to come and enjoy true liberty in worship and the wind-like movements of the Holy Spirit. In last night’s meeting the passion of Jesus was burning in my heart so deep for the sheep here in Europe that are scattered all over with very few true shepherds to lead them to the waters of spiritual liberty. This prophetic theme word quoted by Jesus in Matthew 9 can be found also during the dishonesty and deception that was found in the leadership of ancient Israel during Ahab and Jezebel’s reign.

“I saw all Israel Scattered on the mountains, Like sheep with no shepherd. And the Lord said, ‘These have no master. Let each of them return to his house in peace.’” (I Kings 22:17)

As I began to feel the strong compassion for His sheep that are scattered with very few places to drink the pure waters of His presence, a strong prophetic surge began to come forth for the future messages we are to proclaim to the believers in Europe, “It is now time to get out of theses dying religious places that are deceptive mirages of a house of worship! Altars that are built in man’s name have closed the true gates of worship and is limiting the Holy One of Israel!” I have found myself now exhorting boldly the remnant of believers here in Europe to quickly get out of the so called “churches” that do not allow the freedom of the Holy Spirit to move and are polluted by the control of fearful and dominating leaders. In the time table of Abba’s economy, He is now judging the hearts of the church leaders and it is time to either find a new fellowship to worship in that allows the freedom of the Holy Spirit and His mysterious ways or if there is not one in your city then go to your house and start one in your living room! At the conclusion of this message last night, we walked outside to enjoy soberly one of the most spectacular lighting storms to suddenly roll in. Wow, what confirmation from Abba again (see also Zechariah 9:14-10:3)!

Yes dear friends, our generation of believers is entering a new reformation that is first shaking the foundations of church leaders not just in Europe, but also worldwide. He is bringing down the altars that have been built by man’s ego around the anointing and gifting they have received from Heaven and is raising up new altars of worship that passionately only lift up His wonderful name. Wow, what a painful wilderness time is ahead for leaders who will not relinquish control to the Spirit of Abba…yet what a delightful time of abundance and Shalom is ahead for those who lay everything on the altar for Him!

We will continue this update later next month of the revival meetings here in Europe since our itinerary will have us on July 14th in Paris during France’s Day of Independence (which also just happens to be my birthday)! Some really good things are about to happen in Paris next month!

We love you and our support information can be found below for those who desire to sow their financial gifts into this unique time for Europe!

Remember that you are sowing into a ministry that is on the front lines and is so unique and receives much of its financial support from the passionate remnant within the Body of Messiah! Glory to God!!! Jubilee is heading your way…get ready!!!!!

In His intoxicating presence,

Scott and Dalit Holtz