Greeting from France again!

Just wanted to keep you updated on what has transpired in phase II of our current revival meetings here in the Paris, France area. On Sunday July 14th (France Independence Day) the Spirit of God instructed me to preach that day and the night before on faith building messages for signs and wonders in the streets of Paris. We then spontaneously directed the church to all gather at the center of Paris at the Notre Dame Cathedral that afternoon. We would then worship God publicly and when the updraft of His presence was thick and strong we would then sound the shofar against terrorism in France and that the infrastructure of this demonic network to be would be exposed and brought down.

The same day a few metro stops away, the French President Chirac was traveling in an open convertible before a huge crowd during the Independence Day celebration (a scene so similar to JFK on that fateful day in Dallas, TX.) and a man attempted to assassinate him with a rifle concealed in a guitar case!

The bullets he fired missed and the man was quickly apprehended and arrested! This week the whole of Paris is buzzing with talk about what transpired even with thousands of police in tight security at this event! And then on the next day a large cache of terrorist weapons were found and seized in another area of France! Praise God!

With powerful signs and wonders like this we have been able to preach the message The Mystery of Lawlessness with great favor and deep penetrating conviction. Last night at the CLN Centre outside of Paris, the updraft of the repentance anointing revisited the church and suddenly we went into a 6 hour long service that was graced with a 3 hour drum solo as we interceded and sang for France’s spiritual independence to collide with the godless region of Paris! As I’m writing this email to you our friends, I feel the heavy saturating presence of His glory and pleasure from what happened last night and ask the Holy Spirit to impart this also to you right now! Go ahead and open up your heart and drink in this anointing!!

Our next destination tomorrow is Strasbourg for a week of revival meetings and then we drive up into the mountainous areas of Switzerland for more revival meetings! Your prayers and financial love gifts to this ministry are greatly needed right now to further plunge us into the heart of Europe’s remnant of faithful believers desperate for spiritual refreshment and clean prophetic leadership. The sheep here are scattered on the mountains with few true shepherds to care for them by the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and His rivers of comfort!

Thank you for helping us and may Abba’s richest blessings be your today!

In His love,

Scott and Dalit Holtz