The warning of the last days I keep seeing throughout the Scriptures is that many believers will become “…dull of heart and can scarcely hear with their ears” (Isaiah 6:9f; Matthew 13:14f; Acts 28:27f).

To combat this subtle trend that has hamstrung so many well-meaning people is to take up our cross daily and die to self!

I have found a realm to turbo charge my faith on a daily basis and take up my cross and that is called early morning soaking.

This realm is not taught much in Bible schools, but to those who are hungry and desperate, this is an awesome doorway into discovering deep and intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit (Proverbs 8:17).

If you would like more information on this doorway into the Secret Place we have written a book called “The Gentle Whisper of the Secret Place”, and it can be obtained by visiting our secure credit card web site of or calling our office at (770) 777-0143.

There is nothing like a new secret awaiting you each morning that keeps your heart from growing dull and bored!

Keep swimming out into the deeper waters dear friends!

Servicing your faith,

Scott Holtz