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Encouragement, Prophetic Warning

The Love Walk Test

This morning I received a very significant download from heaven concerning what many of us have been going through the last couple of years! I do not have the space to share it descriptively here in this forum…but let me briefly outline this major directive word I received from Abba this morning.

Signs & Wonders, Supernatural Exploits

The Fruit that Remains

The early morning dew of His grace is saturating all those who are seeking Him early and diligently (Proverbs 8 ). I spoke to a pastor friend who told me of some of the fruit coming out of the last revival meetings in Canada. It has to do with a young teenager who was powerfully [...]

Encouragement, Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance

The Patrol of the Earth

Shalom to the 7,000 that have not bowed their knee… Whenever a new thing is happening in God’s economy there is tremendous angelic activity that becomes evident. In Zechariah chapter one, the prophet speaks of a nightly patrol of heavenly horseman that would go out and patrol the earth.