Shalom to the 7,000 that have not bowed their knee…

Whenever a new thing is happening in God’s economy there is tremendous angelic activity that becomes evident. In Zechariah chapter one, the prophet speaks of a nightly patrol of heavenly horseman that would go out and patrol the earth.

The reason these spiritual beings are doing reconnaissance is because they are not looking for the earth to be silent, peaceful, and quiet…but rather they are looking for those upon the earth that are siring themselves up and laying hold of past prophetic words that have not yet been fulfilled! (Remember that prophetic words uttered from God have a tremendously long shelf life)!

The context of this chapter is of course the 70-year Babylonian captivity and then subsequent release of the Jewish people back to Jerusalem uttered by the prophet Jeremiah. The time for it’s fulfillment had come and God had sent out nightly reconnaissance patrols, to not find the earth peaceful and quiet, but rather to look for those who were steadfastly crying out for Jerusalem’s’ restorative prophetic fulfillment as was uttered 70 years ago by Jeremiah. And reading the awesome results of what happened later can be summed up in a nutshell by reading Psalm 126!

Hmmm…This brings up a whole new dimension for pre-dawn prayer meetings and the potential unseen visitors we could be entertaining!

Lately, I have been sensing tremendous angelic activity during this predawn time period and have been waken up very powerfully each morning before the sunrise. Could we (the Body of Messiah) be in a tremendous transitional time period in God’s economy of the last days that warrants us to be crying out like never before for the fulfillment of prophetic words of international and personal prophetic importance that have been in a seemingly holding pattern of unfulfillment? And that God is right now looking for those who will not fall asleep because of sorrow (like the disciples did during Jesus hour of testing in the garden that night), but rather will awake and align our prayers with his rapidly approaching timetable? I truly believe this is the season that has now dawned upon us all and I will be following through with much more personal early morning positioning activity! Glory to God! This early morning stuff is really getting fun and exhilarating! Go for it (Him) dear friends!!!

In His early morning dew,

Scott and Dalit