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Something is Cooking…

Just a reminder on this Monday morning to stay diligently centered in on lots of personal soaking and waiting in His nearness this week…I’m sensing some really wonderful breakthroughs are in the works! Whenever I feel this shalom haze like a morning mist surround me and give me that extra little kick of joyous laughter…. [...]


Please Help Us Spread This Message!

While in the discovery zone of the Secret Place this morning….Abba communicated to me that He wants to send a much stronger time of refreshment to His people than ever before. However, we must not turn away from the “now” message He is emphasizing in this hour! “Repent therefore and return, that your sins may [...]

Reconnaissance, Wake Up Call - 911

Battle Stations! All Hands On Deck!

This email is for your edification and a good morning wake up call. Please be advised this is not a drill…all hands to battle stations!

Reconnaissance, Wake Up Call - 911

Wake Up…Wake Up…Please Wake up!

While in the early morning stillness today, with His Spirit brooding so gently, I heard His directive, “Tell My people to wake up from their slumber!”


It is Time to Get Intoxicated!

1) I believe that printed text sent via the Internet can carry the anointing from heaven! 2) I’m tired of reading just a bunch of verbiage from newsletters from well-meaning but parched and very dry believers! 3) Lately, I have been getting really intoxicated and overwhelmed by His presence and have a desire that everyone [...]

Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance

I Had a Very Disturbing Dream Last Night

I had a very disturbing dream last night that again is a warning to our society that is quickly sliding down a slippery highway to destruction! In this dream people were allowed to create their own genetic being (idol) to serve them based upon the consuming desire of their souls. Whatever a person had given [...]

Encouragement, Reconnaissance

It Has Begun

I was quickened by the Holy Spirit this morning to step out on the limb and prophecy/proclaim publicly that the next wave or dimension of this revival has now begun!

Encouragement, Prophetic Warning

The Promise

The reason for e-mailing you today is do to another early morning quickening I received from the Holy Spirit. I have learned over the years that when He comes to me in the stillness of the pre- dawn hours that it is time to roll out of bed and begin listening (Proverbs 8:17)!

Encouragement, Reconnaissance

Feed the True Prophets and Thus Destroy Jezebel’s Infrastructure!

Since coming home to Atlanta, GA. I have perceived in the Spirit a building anxiety in the hearts and minds of our culture about finances, employment, and the diminishing financial portfolios of many hard working Americans. The first impressions I kept getting in my heart this last week was of the Scripture The Messiah spoke [...]