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You may have heard of the news last week that a section of the Temple Mount Wall collapsed…. Well, here is the rest of the story behind it!!!

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We have just learned that an unsaved Israeli archeologists/government official publicly played our “ARISE” CD at the Western Wall over the loud speakers attached to his vehicle last week! (He was extremely excited after listening to this CD after Dalit gave it to him in Jerusalem).

He told us that the sound of the shofar’s symphony (track #6) echoed so loud throughout the Western Wall complex and all around the Temple Mount area… with many people running up and thronging his vehicle anxiously wanting to know what is this powerful sound!? He explained to them that this CD is from a Jewish man in the USA but that his spirit is here today sounding the shofar for us before the feast of trumpets begins in a few days….and then suddenly the next day a huge section of the Temple Mount Wall collapsed that is part of the muslim mosque next to the Western Wall!

Glory to God! The Holy Spirit has been telling me for some time now to prophesy that the wall of Islam is coming down!!! What a powerful confirmation!!!

Stay tuned to our next emails detailing Dalit’s amazing recent trip to Israel and the miracles in the days of Awe meetings in Canada!!!

In His Glory Haze,

Scott and Dalit

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