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Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance, Wake Up Call - 911

The Epidemic of Prophetic Presumption Due to Entertainment!

(Good Morning Everybody. Early this morning I could not sleep. There is such a fire of warning burning inside of me to see His glory sweep afresh through His Church. In 1992 My wife Dalit had a dream of both of the World Trade Centers come crashing down close to where we lived in NYC. [...]

Signs & Wonders

Signs in The Heavens in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Here is some early morning fresh manna from Abba- …Listen carefully to Me and eat what is good. And delight yourself in abundance. (Isaiah 55:2) This is what I keep hearing over and over in the secret still place of His glory…”listen carefully to Me”; “In your listening to me listen”; “Your hearing the sound [...]


Do Not Lose Heart!

I have a direct word from Abba for ya this morning! Open up your Bible to Luke 18:1-8 and meditate on this parable The Lord gave us that at all times they ought to pray and not lose heart!

Counter Terrorism Update, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Supernatural Exploits


I was awakened early Sunday morning by a Canadian pastor, who was one of the leaders who accompanied us last month on the 2003 Recon Trip to Israel, that Saddam Hussein was suddenly captured by American Special Forces. As we both rejoiced greatly… I began to also weep for joy about the powerful accuracy of [...]


Better Things that Accompany Salvation

“But beloved, we are convinced of better things concerning you, and the things that accompany salvation…” (Hebrews 6:9) And what are these better things? Keep reading this letter to the Hebrews and pay close attention to whenever the writer quotes a prophecy for the Old Testament. And by the time you get to chapters 10-12 [...]