Counter Terrorism Update, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Supernatural Exploits


I was awakened early Sunday morning by a Canadian pastor, who was one of the leaders who accompanied us last month on the 2003 Recon Trip to Israel, that Saddam Hussein was suddenly captured by American Special Forces. As we both rejoiced greatly… I began to also weep for joy about the powerful accuracy of what God directed us to do last month in the Land of Israel!!!

You see our dear friends and partners, 18 days before (18 represents “life” in Hebrew) Saddam’s capture, our group was on a Israeli-Syrian border military location and the Holy Spirit quickened me to sound the shofar against terrorism. I began to yield and prophesy under the Spirit’s influence for terror attacks to be stopped against Israeli/Western locations in the region…when I suddenly felt a powerful surge of His Spirit to turn and face Eastward towards Iraq and prophesy, “…And Lord, locate and get Saddam Hussein!” I remember that particular shofar sounding to be very powerful and eerie! And we caught it on video tape!!!!

And the rest it is now history…Glory Be to God Forevermore!!!!!!

The above Canadian pastor that broke the news to me and his church has cemented their support for us like never before. They have realized that this new “Days of Awe” anointing coupled with spontaneous Holy Spirit commando operations of shofar drive-by’s (that at times look foolish and insignificant to the natural mind) is actually an very, very important key in the advancement of Abba’s Kingdom in this hour. I personally want to thank all of you have been supporting this ministry with your Spirit-led financial giving and encourage you to come on out and experience this new “Days of Awe” anointing in one of our revival meetings. It is so awesome! You guys are like the sons of Issachar who know the times and seasons of the Lord and where to sow!!!

Please continue giving and sowing generous seed into this new move of God from heaven this month, so we can have an abundance to minister (see Phil. 4) this new commando operative anointing for the initiation of world events! There is so many places I desire to go and sound the shofar at in this late hour!!!! It is love gifts sown into this type of front-line ministry operations that have yielded such spontaneous blessings to many of you’ all! Let’s keep it up!!! It is 911 in the Spirit right now!!!

In His War Footing,

Scott and Dalit

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