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Signs in The Heavens in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Here is some early morning fresh manna from Abba-

…Listen carefully to Me and eat what is good. And delight yourself in abundance. (Isaiah 55:2)

This is what I keep hearing over and over in the secret still place of His glory…”listen carefully to Me”; “In your listening to me listen”; “Your hearing the sound of Me walking in the cool of your day and so just obey”; “The first commandment is Hear O’Israel and you shall love the Lord your God…. hear what I’m saying so you can love me!”

These whispers from the Secret Place are plainly signaling a change and new thing has begun with His revived remnant. Let me now give you some the unusual highlights of the meetings that I have just returned from in Halifax Nova Scotia.


In the meetings Pastor George Campbell testified of driving and hearing warning sirens so loud that he even kept looking in his rear-view mirror of his automobile to see if an emergency vehicle was approaching! Several services were characterized by emergency vehicles passing by the meetings (usually a rare thing where their church is located) with their sirens screaming…while I was preaching on holiness and character. I remember one service I said, “Jezebel is in the system” (the system of mammon and over lording leaders within the churches) and suddenly on cue an emergency vehicle screamed by and all of us simultaneously jumped to our feet shouting out to God! It was a powerful confirmation!


Friday night we all gathered in a large convoy of automobiles and proceeded to Citadel Hill in downtown Halifax to sound the shofar over the city. Suddenly over our heads appeared a huge “X” of very unique clouds. Then the strangest straight-line appeared directly above us in the heavenlies and I heard the words “The plumb line of heaven has now fallen!” Everybody was amazed at these signs and as the shofar was sounded the eerie silence echoed throughout the harbor area and everything became heavenly still and quiet. Upon later returning to the church property in Dartmouth, Pastor George and I were standing in the field waiting for all the people to assemble and suddenly about 25 feet over our heads a glowing light shot right past us! We were both overcome with the awe of God and said to each other…”there is angelic activity happening here! Did you see that?” It was so awe inspiring to see and feel the open heavens that night and understand that we are in a very significant time in the battle plan of God! Upon returning to Atlanta the most glorious rainbow appeared in front of me while seated on the Cont. flight and it was not even raining! Simultaneously I heard the word “Prepare for War! You have been walking now it is time to Run!”


As we guided the meetings through the doors of holiness, sanctification, and repentance…with extreme joy and celebration kicking in when prodigals came home in the altar calls…I felt a very powerful authority level arise. One brother in the meetings has close business connections with the oil industry in Canada and said to me that a very key off-shore drilling is going on right now off the Halifax coast in attempt to discover oil, but has repeatedly turned up dry. And with the fishing industry of the Maritimes going through tough times the last few years they needed something to financially give boost to the region. Suddenly one night by the Spirit I stopped preaching and began to prophecy and sound the shofar that oil/gas was going to be suddenly discovered in the next drilling phase…and sure enough a few nights later it was!!! Then again this wave of authority hit the meetings and I told the people that it is time to pray that Saddam and his son’s be caught and brought to justice. And two days later it happened with his two sons and I feel in my spirit that Saddam whereabouts will be known very soon!!!

These are just a few of the highlights of the last 17 days of being in the Halifax outpouring and we all must listen to His voice….”that is time to Prepare for War…let’s pick up the pace now and Run!”

And in conclusion this is the reason for us assembling these two upcoming Camp meetings (one here in Atlanta August 22-24 and in Calgary Canada September 10-14, 2003). It is time to throw off the cloak of heaviness, Luke warmness, and pathetic cultural churchianity of the comfortable and run to the battle line for His service! See more information on our web site below!

Best regards to you’ all who love His nearness,

Scott and Dalit Holtz

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