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I Suddenly Saw The Messiah!

“For the Lamb in the center of the throne shall be their shepherd, and shall guide them to springs of the water of life, and God shall wipe every tear from their eyes.” (Revelation 7:17)

Just completed a very saturating weekend of the Days of Awe here in Atlanta. Several people heard late Saturday night the angelic heavenly choirs singing the most beautiful music. Another guest experienced such childlike freedom in worship and spontaneous dance that it melted her soul. Still another brought a testimony of the anointed teachings on prosperity and the harvest by Pastor John Greiner that flooded them with expectancy. And many others still do not have the words to describe the recharging and bridal fire that has ignited in their hearts!

Here is another testimony that just came in…

“I’m praising God today for the substantial strengthening, encouragement, and conviction given to me in the meetings this weekend. Direction for several life issues and new revelation in the Word of God!! God bless you Scott and Dalit for your love and faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for the people God sends your way. I hope to see ya’ll again soon.
In Him, E.T.

Two weeks ago in the Calgary Alberta Days of Awe meetings I saw the Messiah Jesus physically walk into the building and amongst the people in the prayer line! He witnessed to me if I wanted to be alone with Him that night or the 500 ministers down the street (in an annual Spirit filled pastor’s conference that same night) just talking about Him! It shocked me out of following the crowd mentality! It was the most confirming visit I have ever had about the messages and the style of meetings He has led us to conduct. The Lamb Himself is meeting His people and shepherding them to the pure clear waters of His life giving ways!

This is a sign to us that the meetings have taken on a whole new dimension….so visit our web site for the next scheduled The Days of Awe meetings in your area!

Looking forward to seeing you around the springs of the new river coming out of His throne room!

In His War Footing,

Scott and Dalit

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