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Still Another Counter-Terrorism Exploit!

“For the Lord will rise up as at Mount Perazim, He will be stirred up as in the valley of Gibeon; to do His task, His unusual task, and to work, His extraordinary work.” (Isaiah 28:21)

“…But the people who do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.” (Daniel 11:32)

Six years ago, Dalit and our family was approached in a small revival service by a well known and seasoned prophet from California named Dick Mills. He prophesied the two above Scripture texts to us and told us commandingly that our ministry was going to know God very intimately and then out of that relationship He was going to do exploits of huge importance.

He said that these exploits were going to be so strange and new that if you looked back into the pages of Church history, there would be no record of any exploits and happenings of a ministry like this. Correspondingly that night, Dalit and I were stunned because this prophet Dick Mills knew nothing about us!

I say these things this morning dear friends and partners, because once again one of those strange and unique sudden exploits happened yesterday. As you remember, last weekend I was in Boston. MA. to hold revival meetings in a new fellowship and sound the trumpet of warning in front of Sen.John Kerry and Sen. Ted Kennedy’s offices. On the way home, our flight flew into Newark, NJ and it was a beautiful clear day. I suddenly became fixed on looking at the huge port area of NY/NJ from the window of the Boeing 737…I became very concerned in the Spirit about all the tens of thousand of sea containers I was viewing right in front of me! I knew instantly that the enemy was attempting to infiltrate our country through this port area and that weapons were being carried in future containers and were about to slip past detection and into the underground shadows of the violent and demon possessed!

Well all the glory goes to Abba…because yesterday they announced that Italian authorities seized a huge illegal arms shipment of thousands of terrorist grade machine guns worth more than $6 million (that is a lot of rifles) in several massive containers heading for our same New York City Port!,2933,117766,00.html

I think it would be good at this point to remind you of what an Israeli Brig. General said, “…Small units with ample intelligence can be most effective. The idea is to create a dilemma for the enemy (terrorist) and try to disrupt its activity. We call this tactic Surgical Warfare.”

All I can tell you dear ones is that the power of the Holy Ghost is rising up so strong within to go to war against this spirit of terrorism and time does not permit in this forum to go into all the outstanding and unique signs and wonders we are witnessing. And sobering part is that this is just the beginning of the war footing and operations we will be launching into the next few years. You guys are such great lovers of Israel and His Bride so keep standing in faith with us for generosity to flood other believers and leaders hearts knowing the time is so short and we must all rise up and support!

In His War Footing,

Scott and Dalit

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