Counter Terrorism Update, Supernatural Exploits

Counter-Terrorism Update in Sweden

I just recieved this miracle update from one of the Pastors in Sweden. Early this month we held a week of revival meetings for the first time in that nation and then one night took the enitre church gathering outdoors to the King’s Garden in downtown Stockholm to prophesy against terrorism. Here is the awesome testimony!

Hello Scott,

I have some good news!
The Sunday you blow the shofar in Stockholm resulted in that 2 terorists was arrested in Stockholm on the next MONDAY. These 2 are linked together with Al-Quaida and they live in Sweden and have changed even their citizenship to Swedish. wish means that it is harder to expose them. But, praise God they are arrested.


Keep supporting this operation in your prayers and financial support…glory to God it is time to continue these surgical tatical operations!!!

In His war footing,


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