Counter Terrorism Update, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Supernatural Exploits

Counter-Terrorism Update in Israel

Good morning and may His fire consume your hearts as you prepare for another new day!

Here is an urgent voice mail I have been getting from heaven all week long! Let me give you the reference-

Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart…. (Luke 18:1)

I have been receiving this voice mail from heaven almost continually the last few days and when you read the context of this parable…Jesus is encouraging us all NO MATTER WHAT to keep praying and don’t give up! Glory to God!

So keep asking, knocking and seeking in this hour, knowing He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!


We continue to receive very wonderful updates from our sources here in Israel of the tremendous success the Israeli security forces are having as of late against the terrorist leaders and their hideous infrastructure the last few weeks. Not only has this resulted in the saving of hundreds of innocent civilian lives from death and physical harm, but also God is using this new operative anointing to open up doors for the peoples living in this country to prayer and the good news of the Messiah!

I can not go into details in this forum but know that God is being tremendously glorified among a stiff-necked and stubborn generation (I wish we could)! However, I’m amazed myself at the open doors that keep swinging open as of late. They simply love us sounding the shofar here among all of these secular Israelis! They love the Spirit of God we are bringing to them! They love the miracles against terrorism! We feel such at home here!

In His War Footing,

Scott and Dalit

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