Greetings from the Land of Israel! In this mornings email update I would like to brief you on the current spiritual weather conditions here and then give you our extended forecast for the near future.

Dalit and I have traveled extensively throughout the Land of Israel the past 2 months meeting with many Israelis and believers. The Israelis we have met are for the most part very friendly and energetic and filled with many questions. These divine connections have been wonderful and when they are prayed for, the glory of God has really come upon them and messed them up in a good way! LOL! Confirming signs and wonders have ensued in the weeks that have followed which have arrested their attention that today (not tomorrow) is the day of salvation! I feel very much like a Shepard helping these little lost sheep to find the springs of the waters of life! The harvest is truly plenteous here and we are seeing and hearing of souls coming to the altar of repentance all over the Land! Operational phase of first strike presence hostage rescue is happening!

Dalit and our children were walking through this area late Saturday night (which we were told by our Military contact that even the Police department does not like going into this area unless absolutely necessary) and witnessed literally a scene from Dantes Inferno. Dalit said that if a terrorist wanted to easily kill people in Tel Aviv then this is the place because there are so many demonized Jewish people walking around oblivious that there is a war going on! And sure enough, right where our family was walking six hours later a huge terrorist explosion happened yesterday morning killing an Israeli female soldier and wounding over 35 people! What a tragedy! We need more believers to catch the vision for this area and be trained in spiritual counter terrorism! Ohh, we are willing to go as a family we just need more financial partners to catch the vison and help us secure a base here!!!

We will be returning to this area of Tel Aviv next week to hold some special services by the Bus station and everyone is welcomed to come on out and lets bring the power of God to those who are in the valley of the shadow of death! Glory to God! The forecast I am hearing for this area is big time thunder showers and tornado activity!

In other areas of Israel, we visited Messianic congregations and though the worship was OK, they seem to be suffering from a severe drought of rain and the river of God! Though there is a maintenance presence of God in the services (like the dew that appears briefly in the morning) they are also mentally stuck in their own religious Stone Age wineskins! It is tragic to see so many new believers so sad and confused when their leaders do not let them experience the deep waters of the Holy Spirit River of life. Dalit and I felt like we were back sitting in some kindergarten class in these places since the teachings were so shallow and boring. I believe it is time to rock the boat and sound the shofar of divine shakings to expose the difference between a mirage and a real oasis here for all these new believers coming to faith here in the land! Pray for us to have wisdom in this area as we deal with so many insecure and jealous Jewish leaders here. If they do not wake up, then I would much rather hang out with the fired Philippine and African brethren here that are not ashamed and love the move of the Holy Spirit! I want to hang out with those who have a servant attitude, understand the One New Man in Messiah, and not some Jewish mirage of spiritual superiority! Glory be to God Forevermore!

In our other conversations with our military sources, since there has been such a dramatic reduction of terror attacks the last few months, the tourism industry is picking up very quickly again and people are starting to come back to Israel! (Our sources here love when we blow the shofar and now their grocery lists of prayer requests are really coming in to us since they have witnessed first hand our sounding the shofar against terrorism here)!

In conclusion this morning, though there is a severe drought still forecasted for those who have a form of godliness but have denied His power in this Land of Promise, however, there is a cloud on the horizon coming out of the sea (gentiles) that is the size of a mans fist to bring more rain of blessings for the humble and thirsty! All the seeds that have been planted in this land over the years by the faithful remnant of believers are now waiting for these rains to come! Get ready folks, I hear the sound of the abundance of rain coming!

In His War Footing,

Scott and Dalit