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First Fruits of Gideon’s 300 $1K Army!

Dear Fellow Warriors, There is a new sound of the Spirit of God now and it sounds like of the wind blowing in the tops of the trees. This is the season for your financial break out! “And it shall be, when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, [...]

Encouragement, Operation Imminent Trumpet

Gideon’s 300 $1K Army

As you have noticed that last few days, we have been generating to you a flurry of emails and alerts, concerning what we are hearing in the secret early morning hours, of taking this war directly to the gates of the enemy’s encampments.

Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance

Spiritual Slumber Parties

It is time to rise and shine and give God the Glory! I have been studying and hearing from Abba that now is the time to continue to wake up the Church that Jesus is coming back soon like a thief in the night!!! This is the basis of our ongoing work known as OPERATION [...]

Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance, Wake Up Call - 911


******ALERT ******* I was not planning to send out another email to you’all so quickly again…but the siren warnings I’m getting necessitates that I sound the alarm of warning!


He Wants to FLASH Us!

…Worship God! (Revelation 22:9) This morning I had the most incredible dream…I was in one of our revival worship services and the most powerful heavenly worship invaded the facility! As I awoke all I could do was fall down on my knees next to the bed and continue in this river of supernatural praise and [...]

Encouragement, Reconnaissance

What is So Holy About the Midbar (Desert)?

Just a powerful nugget for you’ all I learned while being in the desert in Israel. The area where Jesus was driven by the Spirit to be tested is called the Midbar in Hebrew. It is translated in English as desert or wilderness. However, this dry area known as the Midbar is actually from the [...]

Reconnaissance, Signs & Wonders

The Valley of Dry Bones Discovered?

In our last operation in Israel…we were taken to a secret valley that several archeologists believe is THE VALLEY OF DRY BONES spoken about to the prophet Ezekiel (chapter 37). I have labeled it as the Valley of Mystery on our web site…. There is no other place like it in the Land of Israel [...]

Counter Terrorism Update, Supernatural Exploits

Counter-Terrorism Update in New York City

Just returned from conducting a spontaneous “shofar drive-by” at the Republican National Convention in New York City. We positioned ourselves right in front of the CNN mobile news headquarters bus and across the street from Madison Square Garden. The sounding of the shofar was the most glorious I have heard in some time! Wow…it was [...]