Counter Terrorism Update, Supernatural Exploits

Counter-Terrorism Update in New York City

Just returned from conducting a spontaneous “shofar drive-by” at the Republican National Convention in New York City. We positioned ourselves right in front of the CNN mobile news headquarters bus and across the street from Madison Square Garden. The sounding of the shofar was the most glorious I have heard in some time! Wow…it was powerful!!!

Mission accomplished….

I also had the privilege of spending some time with a former US Army Ranger and Delta Force operative last week. I have been learning from them a lot about dedication, discipline, and operating in hostile environments. God has been crossing my paths these last few months with some of the finest US and Israeli Special Force personnel…and this seems to be the direction this ministry is metamorphosing into! A special tactical unit that flows with the winds of His Spirit to win the battle in this war against terror (which is really the fear of death. See Hebrews 2). This ministry is very good soil for your seeds of faith!

Thank you for remembering us with a special missions offering this year.

In His service,


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