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Tornado Record Smashed in September 2004!

I awoke this morning in such a glory haze of His shalom and as I passed through the family room on the way to the my office…I had a sudden visitation from the Holy Spirit. The best way to describe this open heaven encounter is that your senses are suspended in the overwhelming peace of God and everything looks so much brighter, alive, and colorful. The ambient sounds around you disappear and you become very in tune with voice of the Spirit of God! You enter a suspension of linear time and into the eternal now of no time.

As I was soaking under these real-time brooding of the Spirit, I began to contemplate that I should write this mornings email to you’all about this shalom presence of God I was enraptured into. However, the Spirit spoke to me to send out a tornado warning this morning of the lateness of the hour the Body of Messiah is in right now. Then I slowly walked to the office and sat down and upon glancing out the window I noticed a huge squall line of a thunderstorm heading right towards us. You could see the circular movement beginning and premature funnel clouds forming in this squall line. Suddenly it began to deluge rain and the lightning and thunder began to rumble majestically. And then suddenly it was totally quiet and calm! Wow…I’m still shaking as I write this email to you now!!!

In our first book, THE GENTLE WHISPER OF THE SECRET PLACE, chapter three describes in detail the night vision I was given to warn North America of tornadoes that were coming. I will not go into detail about the night vision here in this forum…but what I will say is that many believers did not believe nor take action when I told them that twisters were coming. The only ones who were saved from this violent plethora of tornadoes dropping on the major cities of North America were the children who had found the secret place of intimacy with Abba. And many times when I share this vision to warn people of what is coming…literal twisters drop in the region or area we are holding the revival services in. It is quite awful and terrifying to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrew 10:31). The purpose of these powerful manifestations of His glory is to shake the apathy and complacency out of the people He loves so dearly! Read Proverbs chapter 1 and just look at the context of twisters there in verse 27 coupled with the exhortation of the father about the fear of the Lord.

Also look at this latest report in the USA TODAY newspaper of October 11th, 2004,

September Smashes Tornado Record

The USA recorded a record high number of tornado reports in September with twisters spawned by three hurricanes accounting for all but 10 of the months reports. 247 tornadoes were reported during September 2004 whereas the average is only 47.

Now I would love to stay centered on the edifying topics of His sweet presence of intimacy…but after what happened this morning with this terrifying squall line I know without a doubt it is time to sound the alarm and keep preaching this warning message…even if some believers do not want to hear it! You would be shocked if I was to post some of the emails I get from people who are so entrenched in their “user friendly comfort theology” and do not want to change! It is so tragic to read their deluded rhetoric and diatribes!

This is why dear friends, Dalit and I have stretched ourselves out in this hour to obey the real time warnings of His Spirit and sound the trumpet! Will you consider in helping us!? There is a blessings of breakthrough He has for those who can assist this His message to get out and prepare His people for His second coming. This is not our message but His…as you can readily see that I sometimes want to preach the wonderful aspects of intimacy in His secret place…whereas now He wants to emphatically emphasize the shortness of the hour and wake His people us! That is one reason why he sent the early morning thunder squall line to refocus me this morning on this importance of this message!

Thank you for obeying His gentle nudging within to help….

I hear another storm squall approaching!

In His War Footing,

Scott and Dalit

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