Counter Terrorism Update, Signs & Wonders

Counter-Terrorism Update and Yasser Arafat

Currently, we are in Altoona, PA and in extended revival meetings. The last 48 hours have been very stunning and sobering with two major prophetic events coming to past.

The first happened on Tuesday morning around 12:00 Noon. As I was ministering in a teaching anointing I suddenly began to be overcome with a very strong warning to pray for our upcoming Presidential elections that any terror attacks would be exposed and the sleeper cells of terrorists would be discovered and brought to justice. I quickly moved the meetings out of teaching and told the everyone present in the sanctuary to stand up and come forward and let’s hold hands and move quickly into intercession…

Suddenly in the midst of intercession, the Spirit of God told me to pray out loud for divine justice to come down of the head of Yasser Arafat. I thought it was a little out of place, but subsequently prayed this out loud and then several of us began to really groan in the Spirit for several minutes.

We have just been notified yesterday that the FBI have apprehended several terror suspects that were planning to disrupt the Presidential elections. And second, that a few hours after we began to pray for justice to come down on Yasser Arafat and his terrorist gang…that he has been suddenly hospitalized and is in a very critical condition. Needless to say that entire church here in Altoona is pretty amazed!

The second prophetic event happened last night. The Holy Spirit quickened me to preach on the financial Jubilee being linked to the second chapter of the prophet Joel. I felt very strong that the lunar eclipse that was to happen last night was a sign that the great and awesome day of the Lord is coming! What I did not know was that as soon as we sounded the shofar publicly for Jubilee at 9:14 PM to begin that also it was the same time (9:14 PM) that the full blown Lunar eclipse began here in Central PA with the moon turning red as blood! As we gathered outside and looked up into the sky that we immediately noticed that there was clouds everywhere except directly above the church. It looked like a round opening in the clouds such as you would see in the morning after taking a shower and the bathroom mirror is fogged up. But when you point the hair dryer at the mirror it slowly opens up a clear round hole in the reflection of the mirror. That is exactly what it looked like last night seeing that incredible red lunar eclipse! It was only the believers that stayed at church in the parking lot could see this eclipse…others who went home could not see because of the cloud cover!!! That in itself should speak volumes to us in this hour!!! (We have a photo of this type of sign and wonder that happened in the day time at another church if you would like to see it at )

Brothers and sisters, we are now in the second phase of Joel’s prophecy! Read Joel 2 and Acts 2 this morning with special emphasis on the verses talking about the moon turning red as blood!

These prophetic and stunning events are again a sign to you and I that now is the time to awaken and follow the Lord fully!

In His War Footing,

Scott and Dalit

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