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Reconnaissance, Wake Up Call - 911

The Prophetic Significance of the Recent Discovery of the True Pool of Siloam in the City of David.

This morning in the stillness of His shalom haze Abba again quickened me not to go silent about raising financial support and partnership for OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET Phase II. This is the text he gave me this morning and it is a direct prophetic sign to all of us on that the time is short [...]

Operation Imminent Trumpet, Reconnaissance

The Children are for Signs and Wonders Against Terrorism!

Last night at Glory Oasis Fellowship I was led to sound the shofar for Bin Laden to be brought to justice. I saw in the Spirit one of our young USA special force personnel walk right past where he was hiding in a special hole just a few meters away. God is going to get [...]


The Macro Vision of The Lord of The Armies of Heaven.

“I will stand on my guard post and station myself on the rampart; and will keep watch to see what He will speak to me, and how I may reply when I am reproved. Then the Lord answered me and said, ‘Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads may [...]

Encouragement, Reconnaissance

The Indescribable and Inexpressible Gift!

Dear fellow soldiers, there is a realm of the Glory of God I desire for each of you to know that is so exquisite that it can not be fully described in human words. It is opened through a rare type of faith in the heart of believers that gives great pleasure to Abba. The [...]

Encouragement, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Supernatural Exploits


Currently we are in Finland and just have completed an incredible weekend in His fire. It is very early in the morning and I can not sleep…due to the fire of God propelling me to send out this email! Let me give you some quick highlights of the last two weeks of covert prophetic operations [...]


Women and the 2004 Presidential Election

Yesterday as we voted I noticed two striking things about the 2004 Presidential election here in the U.S.A…. 1) The passion and drive that many USA citizens viewed this historic election with. 2) The complete surprise to the Kerry camp about the importance of moral issues.