Encouragement, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Supernatural Exploits


Currently we are in Finland and just have completed an incredible weekend in His fire. It is very early in the morning and I can not sleep…due to the fire of God propelling me to send out this email!

Let me give you some quick highlights of the last two weeks of covert prophetic operations that you who have prayed and sowed financially into have a reward in! This is getting really exciting!

1) Two weeks ago (on the Tuesday before halloween) God instructed us to teach a new series of messages on the Spirit of Justice. He then told me to publicly prophesy to the hosting church in Altoona, PA that it was time for the justice of God to fall on the head of Yasser Arafat and this would be a sign to the church that this ministry has been called to proclaim justice against terrorism (i.e. OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET). And then later that day I was told of the breaking news headlines of Arafat suddenly falling into a coma. All the glory be unto God for His mysterious and unsearchable ways of judgment (Romans 11)!

2) Then on the following Friday were went mobile to Washington D.C. and late into the night went covertly to the Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool (caddy corner to the White House and as close as we could get due to security) to sound the shofar for a sweeping election victory for President George W. Bush. Then on Tuesday afternoon, my son Gideon told me that the exit polls were showing a Kerry victory. But I told him it was a lie and the President was going to win powerfully! And thus another spontaneous operation a total success for His glory! (It is great for our children to see these powerful confirmations right before their very eyes!)

3) I then boarded a plane to Helsinki, Finland with a stop over in Oslo, Norway. I usually fly through Frankfurt but the Spirit told me to go thru Oslo this time! Upon landing and meeting with our board members in the nearby conference center…the Spirit quickened me to prophesy against the false covenant known as the “Oslo Accords” between Arafat and Rabin/Barak. Knowing that is why I was to get on the ground in Oslo…the Spirit of Justice covertly canopied forth and then I rushed and caught the connecting flight to Helsinki. I was later informed it was the anniversary of Rabin’s assassination and Arafat had died…the two main players in the secret Oslo Accords.

4) The revival conference in Finland was a huge break through for a very special Israeli who was in attendance. This man is a very well known person in the Labor party of Israel and was asked by the former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to be his finance minister…which he declined due to personal reasons. So this Israeli man with very much experience in the military of Israel is in our meetings for only one day and can’t go to sleep in the hotel! He tells me and the pastors that he was up all night praying for the first time to Jesus and that had finally accepted him to be his personal Messiah!!!! Glory to God!!! The pastor’s wife, not knowing this, waited in the foyer of the conference hall until I arrived with this Israeli and then proceeded to tell him of a dream she had. In this dream Jesus is speaking with this Israeli and tells him you talk about me but you do not know me! Needless to say this Israeli man was stunned and stood up publicly and began to testify about Jesus and the glory of God began to move so strong in this conference hall!!! What a miracle!!!!

5) It is now Monday Morning and I can’t sleep! God is telling me to get even more courageous and spontaneous about this operation we are in to wake up the Church and bring the Justice of God to the infrastructure of terrorism! Why am I telling you these things this morning from Finland!??? Because I need your prayers and support like never before! I believe the Spirit of God is telling me to go to well known church charismatic church leaders and prophesy an major warning to them about their lifestyles and worldly self improvement message they are poisoning the Church with! God is telling me that the holy war against us from these “professional ministries” will increase very dramatically…more than what I have experienced so far from church leaders who do not like our ministry of warning and the soundings of the shofar! It will be like the very strong attacks our family received from the orthodox rabbis while we were working in the harvest fields of New York City during the early 90’s. We have been trained for this very moment in time and we are ready to launch forward…but it is always good to get alone with Abba and recheck your bearings and count the cost before we cross bridges we cannot come back on! Thank you for your support and love in this hour! I can literally feel your prayers and love as we do these strong and bold maneuvers in this new dimension called the Spirit of Justice! God is cleaning up His Body NOW! It is 911 in the Spirit!!!

There is a dangerous grease fire spreading in the kitchen right now and only the Spirit of Justice will eradicate this very dangerous season we all are in! Your support is being used powerfully by God right now. Just look at these above testimonies in this update! Let’s keep the pedal to the metal and run this operation right thru the gates of hell!!! It is the time for offensive Christianity!!!

In His War Footing,

Scott and Dalit

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