Shalom Friends and Vertical Warriors,

This morning I was pondering on the prophetic word spoken over the infant Jesus by Simeon as he was eagerly looking for the consolation of Israel (Luke 2:32). He came into the temple IN THE SPIRIT (I wish more believers would walk into services like this) and uttered a prophetic prayer as the infant Jesus was in his arms, “…a light of revelation to the Gentiles, and the GLORY of Thy people Israel.”

What jumped out at me this morning is seeing the macro of what we all are doing together as partners for the Lord Jesus to be revealed to in His glory to His people Israel! The last 12 years of ministry we have been called to be a “light to the Gentiles (nations)” as is seen in Isaiah 42:6-9.

“…And I will appoint you as a covenant to the peoples, as a light to the nations. To open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon, and those who dwell in darkness from the prison. I AM the Lord, that is My name; I will not give My glory to another, nor My praise to graven images. Behold, the former things have come to pass, now I declare new things; before they spring forth I proclaim them to you.”

We have all together been pouring our precious seed into waking up the gentile church to not only their Jewish roots and Biblical heritage…but also bringing them into the glorious revelation of the last days by seeing the Scriptures in the true light of His glory! Traditions and old wineskins have been flushed out all in many meetings and churches all over North America, and Europe! The altars have been packed with people of many nations coming to a revelation of who Jesus really is and the miracles that have issued forth have been very starling not only in the altars but also in the streets! The cloud of His glory has been unspeakable awe and joy!

However, I have been sensing a shift of the glory cloud this last year and it has now to do with reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel! Yesterday morning in the service here in Atlanta during worship I saw the Lord walk into the building and stand to the left of the altar and tell me a new directive…”Son, I want you to build My house of glory.” I was stunned and melted into sheer awe of the magnitude of His directive to me! When He spoke I instantly went into the Spirit and saw in a twinkling of an eye all the Scripture references in the Bible of the word “house” and understood that the last building blocks that are now needed to be brought in is the lost sheep of the house of Israel! It is time for an awakening among the Jewish people and especially in the nation of Israel to see the glory of the ONE! HE IS THE GLORY OF HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL! And we are HIS HOUSE and He wants it to be hurried up and completed so He can fully move in!!!!

I suddenly realized that all the thousands of services I have been in or conducted the last 12 years was building blocks of experience and preparation for being a carrier of the end time GLORY OF JESUS to the Jewish people! Romans 9:4 states that the Jewish people were chosen to be custodians of the Glory realm and this month alone I have been meeting several seasoned and on fire pastors or minsters who believe exactly just like us; have stayed away from the rabbinical leaven in Messianic Judaism; have been trained to move in the Glory realm; and are Jewish! Something is happening dear friends and things are getting very stirred up right now concerning a new thing springing forth! Get in the Spirit like the prophet Simeon and get your eyes off what is happening in the natural world and all of it’s shakings as of late!

The last time the Lord Jesus appeared to me was 12 years ago and we told us to leave the Jewish neighborhoods of New York City and the hostage rescue we were doing and be a light to the Gentile church. Now yesterday He again appeared to me and smiled His approval of our last 12 years of labor and issued a new directive to build His house for His glory to be seen to His people Israel! I could hardly sleep last night and this morning I have awoken in a glory haze of sheer joy! It is time for Jesus who is the GLORY of Israel to been seen by those who rejected Him!


There is a tremendous jubilee blessing on getting on board this new directive by helping launch us into Israel in this hour! I continually thank ABBA for partners and friends like many of you who have been cheerful givers to bring His GLORY to those who don’t know the last 12 years! And now the best is yet to come!!!!!! Now is the time to continue your generosity of love you have for this ministry and what Dalit and I running all out to do for His Kingdom and not our own! The enemy has been resisting fiercely us getting back into Israel and bring the dimensions of the glory realm we know about to people who sit in darkness! The enemy does not want the Jewish people to see the GLORY!!!! SOME OF YOU ON THIS MAILING LIST NEED TO BE VERY CAREFUL BEING SO CRITICAL ABOUT US THIS LAST YEAR IN WHY WE ARE REPEATEDLY RAISING FUNDS FOR ISRAEL…BECAUSE YOU COULD BE LISTENING TO A DEMON OF ANTI-SEMITISM AND ITS HATE HAS BLINDED YOU AGAINST THIS POWERFUL OPERATION! TAKE HEED TO YOURSELF AND DO NOT BE DECEIVED! SATAN IS WORKING OVERTIME TO SABOTAGE AND DO NOT FALL INTO HIS TRAP OF PESSIMISM! THIS OPERATION IS THE REAL THING!!!!

Not only is this ministry directive good and fertile soil for your seeds of love but we are covenanting together with you for life to protect you in the Spirit with the soundings of the shofar and our prayers! The same blessings and open heaven we live under is now also available to you! Just be still and follow that loving tug of generosity in your heart and do not procrastinate…no matter what. Get your precious seed into the ground for bringing His GLORY to the former custodians of His GLORY!

No seed is too small and God needs 186 more volunteers to join this Gideon Band of Warriors! May your vessels over flow with new oil and be used to pay off all of your debts as is found in 2 Kings 4:7.

If you have any questions dear friends and vertical warriors please call me! I want to share with all of you this new thing that is now springing open! But not in detail in this email forum….

The consolation of Israel is upon us all in this hour!!!

In His vertical wind sheer,

Scott and Dalit