The IV to Rehydrate!

Just returned from revival meetings in Portland, OR and Edmonton, AB and the testimonies of changed lives keep rolling in! I’m amazed at the time released capsule of the Holy Spirit that suddenly explodes inside of believers after the meetings have ended! This way God get’s all the glory and not man!!! Yeaahhh, go ABBA FATHER!!!!

Here is a quick IV to yield to and allow to rehydrate you in this hour…..

“The Lord of the armies of heaven is His name. He says, “You are My war-club (lit. Hebrew- Shatterer), My weapon of war, and with you I shatter nations. And with you I shatter kingdoms….” (Jeremiah 51:19-20 NASB)

Just think of that fellow warriors! You and I are his shatterers and war clubs to pulverize nations! Let us all be infused with strength and courage in this hour to rise up in the spirit of Justice and shatter the battle that is in the gates! The war trumpet is sounding out even now!!!!

Our next ministry stop will be Belgium and Holland next week and your Gideon 300 gifts are making this possible to shatter the EU and other godless organizations in that part of Europe! Together we are shattering the nations with the Glory of God!!!!

Here is a recent testimony from one of the Gideon 300 partners to encourage you’all about receiving wonderful returns on your giving to these windward operations…

Hello Scott and Dalit,

Though I have continually sowed into your ministry for the past 3 years, this year the Lord stretched me to sow $700 a month, from my home based business. Here are just a few highlights since I have started doing that:

-our family was blessed with a $50,000 gift towards the building of our new home.
-we were able to sell our previous home on our own within two weeks of putting up a sign. (note: several years ago, before sowing to Rivers, we had it up for sale for 8 months without one lead)
- Recently at our company’s national convention, I was give an honor of being one of the Top 10 sales consultants in the country……this was out of over 70,000 consultants throughout the US. (What is also so notable about this,
is that the majority of the top saleswomen are from large metropolitan areas in California, Michigan, etc., and that the Lord did this for me while living in a small, rural, economically depressed area in Central PA!!!!)

Just hope this encourages others to give generously!!!!


These operations are very good soil for your financial deposits and currently Dalit and I are planning to return to Israel and look to purchase an apartment and van! So we are sending out the call to you our friends that we need $$$. One way is for 186 believers who can give $1000 or more This is very good soil to give into dear ones and now is the time to probe and continue to shatter terrorism in that part of the world by having a base to operate out of! Whatever amount that you can generously sacrifice and give for Israel, counter-terrorism, and revival is in Abba’s sight a pleasing aroma sacrifice and thus Phil. 4:19 is yours!

Thank you for responding soon dear friends!

In His IV of sheer justice against terrorism of all forms,

Scott and Dalit

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