Operation Imminent Trumpet, Reconnaissance, Supernatural Exploits

Divine Appointment with the Secretary of State Condolezza Rice!

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

A few minutes after sending out today’s upcoming itinerary of meetings in Canada for the next two weeks…I just received a very significant email from a dear pastor in Alberta. I believe His email hits “the nail on the head” of why this ministry is heading into Ontario at this time. …This shofar anointing is so powerful whenever we sound it at government headquarters (hint, hint)!

Dear Scott:

I’m very grateful to God that you’re coming to Canada to minister during the time leading up to the general elections. From my perspective, Ontario (being the leading Province) is in dire need of real, militant prophetic work.

Ontario is the media hub of an overwhelming secular liberalism, which (admittedly, from my point of view) is deeply entrenched within the governing party itself. I strongly suspect that this is one of the main reasons why one will find a strong anti-Bush, anti-evangelical sentiment within the culture at large (far more so than, say, Alberta).

I pray that the Holy Spirit will do some amazing things while you’re there. I shall inform our denomination of your presence in the Province.

Grace to you, in Christ Jesus,

Alberta, Canada.

So here we go fellow warriors…it is time to go vertical! Come on out and be apart of something new and fresh in these meetings! There is no telling what is going to happen!

In His service for your faith,

Scott And Dalit

Dalit and I had the Divine appointment on Wednesday night of running into the Secretary of State Condolezza Rice here in Atlanta! Dalit discussed with her the prophetic dreams she had before the 911 World Trade Center attack; the tsunami of 12-25-04; and hurricane Katrina. The goal of this conversation was to inform the Secretary of State that Dalit also had a dream of where Bin Laden is hiding…. Without going into anymore details, Please kick open some tactical intercession for us to get this prophetic dream into more open doors and moving forward faster!!!

It is amazing how much this OIT anointing is kicking things open! C’mon 166 remaining Gideon warriors! Get on board help us out! We need more funding for these operations!

Mega Shalom to you ‘all!!! These operations is outstanding soil for your financial seeds!

In His love,

Scott and Dalit

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