Shalom Fellow Warriors,

During Sunday night’s revival service here in Ottawa, Canada I felt prompted to preach on the earthquake that stirred the city of Jerusalem during Jesus triumphal entry. I was also led to teach on a recent testimony of a earthquake in Israel last year. While ministering on these points I felt led to also ask God to confirm this teaching on mountain moving faith in Mark 11 (which is actually to remove the “Temple Mount” religious complex and it’s prostituting leaders)…with a earthquake! This was so strong within me…so the people listening can wake up!

The next morning twelve hours later as I and my driver were arriving into the outskirts of Montreal Canada at 10:30 AM, suddenly also at 10:30 AM a earthquake rattled the environs of the city (see confirming article below)! What is also so interesting about this prophetic activity was that we had our “ARISE” CD playing at high decibels in the car as we worshipped God and listened to the shofar symphony as we entered into the Montreal area! I was also at the same time reading outloud the powerful first chapter of the new book I’m writing called The Mystery of Faith. My driver is still blown away by this intoxicating mixture of anointing of fire and signs/wonders! Glory to God!

This is again another sign about how important these current meetings in Canada are right now…and these new messages I’m getting from heaven that needs to take book form…. Do you know of anyone out there that would like to help fund this current book project? It is very full of heavy revs from Heaven!!!

In His 911 warning tower,



Web Posted Mon Jan 9 14:06:10 2006

—An earthquake shook homes south of Montreal on Monday morning with enough force to make one man think a truck had slammed into his house.

The Geological Survey of Canada said the quake, which hit at about 10:30 a.m. EST, measured magnitude 4.2.

Many people living south of Montreal felt and heard the rumble, which was centred 22 kilometres east of Huntingdon near the U.S. border.

“I thought that a truck had left the road and driven into my house,” said Dan Crilly, who felt the tremor as he was eating breakfast in Hemmingford.

“Because I felt a vibration, which then quickly became a loud thud, and the whole house shook and everything in it shook. And then there was a vibration.

“It was almost as if I felt it coming, hit and then felt it going away.”

The geological agency said the earthquake didn’t cause any structural damage or injures.

Quakes common in area, agency says

Janet Drysdale, a seismologist with the agency, said small earthquakes commonly occur in a corridor running from south of Montreal to the Ottawa Valley.

“This region is what we think of as an ‘old risk region.’ This is where two continental plates were interacting millions and millions of years ago,” said Drysdale, who is based in Ottawa. “It is not an active interplate region currently, but it is more a zone of weakness.”

Drysdale said most quakes in the region are less intense and happen in less populated areas.

She said a slightly more powerful quake could hit the area, but she dismissed some peoples’ fears that small quakes might lead up to a major one.

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