Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance

A New Type of Earthquakes are on the Way!

This morning I received a recon report from Abba that big earthquakes are on the way. And a few hours later I learned of more earthquakes in Iran today. We all can connect the dots on why that is happening (i.e Israel and Gen. 12:3)…. However, the earthquake I heard about this morning is ever deeper and more catastrophic. It has to do also with the House of God!

In Amos 7 (read the whole chapter) Amos was persecuted by the priest of Bethel (Hebrew- House of God) named Amaziah. He told the rebel King Jeroboam, “…the land is unable to endure all his words.” This is powerful and very sobering new territory for all of us in this 911 hour! Not only was the false monarchy system that paraded itself as the true “Bethel” of where Jacob had the open heaven theophany in Gen. 28 could not endure his prophetic words. The entire region two years later was hit with one of the most devastating and strongest earthquakes ever…and has even been found referenced to by many ancient Near Eastern texts of that time! The Rift valley that stretches from Russia all the way under the Dead Sea and down to Kenya shifted violently in sync with the words of Amos!!!!

So prepare yourselves now O’ Fellow Warriors for utterances and words to come thru us in this hour that will be the strongest we have ever delivered and seen!!!!

Battle stations… get your hearts right…do some extra waiting upon the Holy Spirit this weekend…do not be unaware of what is happening! This is my job and it is to sound the trumpet of warning! It is time to drop below the radar and take evasive actions!

It is time to lock and load…. Let the groanings of intercession kick in and get your shofars out and ready….

This is not a drill!

In His Desert Watchtower,


PS, Let’s all cry out in unity, “Oh God in your wrath and zeal for your House…remember mercy!!!!”

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