Signs & Wonders, Wake Up Call - 911


Yesterday I sent out a WIND WARNING ADVISORY email out to you. And later last night we were awakened at 4 AM with the most spectacular lighting demonstration I have ever seen! Then boom…a huge explosion and a sensation of the pressure dropping in our neighborhood. I’m originally from Oklahoma and have been in several tornadoes, so I began to pray and prophesy to the storm last night as I heard and felt a twister in the atmosphere! Battle Stations!!!!

Later that morning we were passing by our church building in Alpharetta and were stunned to see that a huge twister had touched down in front and behind our building but nothing happened to our church! There wasn’t even debris in the front yard as there was everywhere else! Across the street huge trees twisted like toothpicks! Houses across the street damaged or totally destroyed! It is amazing how God protected our building from the strongest twister ever to hit in our generation in Alpharetta, GA.

But there is more….

If you look the October 2005 Tornado Vision in the Night prophetic video teaching. This is the warning God told me to bring forth to the Body of Messiah locally and internationally. And the background behind me is exactly where the tornado touched down last night! On the exact location 6 months ago I was to sound the shofar and warn on video tape that the tornadoes are coming…it happened exactly there last night!

We will be putting together a before and after video documentary of this event so stay tuned….

What does this mean for you?

1) It is time to really wake up and get serious for Jesus and get away from old wineskin modern congregational systems churches and their cowardly leaders! Let no man take your crown…follow only Jesus!!!!
2) For those of you who feel this ministry is called to equip and train you in this end time battle. We will be using this tornado prophecy and fulfillment to equip you in how to move in the deeper prophetic realm. Remember, the very prophetic words of Amos, the land could not even endure his words! I feel an urgency to train and teach the hungry how to flow in the true prophetic!!!

This is time O’ Gideon warriors to arise and go to war!!!

Stay tuned for more exciting supernatural suddenly’s for all those who have joined this ministry banner!!!! If you would like to join this ministry banner and become a Gideon 300 (then scroll below for more information)!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit

PS, The Threshing Floor conference in the Georgia Dome was the best services I have ever seen so far in this State!!! Such love and unity among the 50,000 plus believers!!! It was glorious!!!!

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