Shalom Friends,

Early this morning while the sunrise was painting the sky Fuchsia in color…the Blessed Holy Spirit communicated to me why a certain lull always settles in during wonderful revival gatherings and quenches His power from flowing stronger! And it has to do with financial stewardship! (Stay with me now and do not remove this email from your inbox…this word will set you free!)

As we are now witnessing a great falling away in the Church and beginning to see a very large apostate “church” arising into prominence in this hour…correspondingly, also the true prophetic Elijah company of believers is arising and becoming more relentlessly buffeted with persecution due to the message they are bringing. When those who love honesty, integrity, and the whole counsel of God’s Scriptures begin to speak out (by word, silent deeds, or actions) against the apostasy they see rapidly arising…they are usually labeled as angry or unloving and subjected to harsh criticism and cynicism from those who are not wanting to shed the pleasures of lawlessness. We must see that this confrontation is good and profitable, because the true testimony of Jesus [which is the spirit of prophecy (Rev.19:10)] must bring a sword of division by marking, cutting, separating, and then providing an exit-strategy for us away from those who have given themselves over to a form of godliness, yet have denied the power. This is what the Apostle Paul imperatively commanded and ran (and not suggestively) past Timothy…and it is to mark these “christian pretenders” and “to avoid them with horror”! (See II Timothy 3:1-5). And this goes exactly against the popular belief of city-wide prayer and unity meetings of all ecumenical strains coming together is the supposed key to bringing revival to a city or nation! (I personally believe it is time to get back to radical hostage rescue since so much time and resources has been tied up in trying to bring revival through this city-wide unity/reconciliation model).

Now, back to why there is lulls when God’s glory wants to move in our midst….

So today, it is also tough going at times for true bond-servants of God to bring His glory (i.e. light) within the circle of true Spirit-filled believers. Why? Because many people are not accustomed to strong meat and strong light and they react by consistently defaulting or should I say, “a knee-jerk reaction” (no pun intended) against ruthlessly strong and sharp conviction of sin! What happens is that they begin to level this same criticism of what those who are apostate are saying and thus they are missing a great entry door of blessings! Usually the immediate knee-jerk reaction you hear is ….”Well dear brother Scott, what you are preaching is too hard and condemning…it is not the grace of God!”

But I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me that what our true brethren are feeling (not the apostate church) in their soul is not condemnation but rather shame!

In the English language (which is very weak for Biblical interpretation), we see that the word to condemn- is to doom, pass sentence on, damn, prescribe punishment. And the antonyms being, to excuse, acquit, exonerate. And yes, those who are wanting to apostate need to be warned of the damnation, doom, and prescribed punishment (i.e. condemnation) that will be leveled against them on that final exam date not by the Father or the Son, but by the very Word of God (see John 12:48)! To warn is love in action!

But for the true Church, Jesus has acquitted and exonerated and washed us clean by His Blood! Glory to God!!! And there is no sentence of judgment (i.e. condemnation) to those who are in Messiah Jesus (Romans 8:1)! So what is the problem? The problem is that there is a big difference between condemnation and shame! The word shame- is embarrassment, stigma, disgrace, a sense of wrongdoing, a bad conscience, confusion, regret, discomposure, irritation, guilt, self-disgust! And by reading the context of Romans 8:1 (you always need to see the context and memorize that…not just these one-verse-promises), you will see that there is no condemnation to those who do not walk by the flesh but in the Spirit (verses 1-14). Meaning that those who by the Spirit are putting to death the deeds of the lower nature (i.e. flesh) these are the true Sons of God and there is no condemning sentence to them! And those of us who walk in the Spirit…He has not given us a spirit of fear again to slavery but we cry out Abba, Father! (Romans 8:15)!

However! And again I reiterate However! There is a fear of condemnation of sentencing that begins that is preluded with shame when we do not live the lifestyle of the Sprit! And this is the lull that comes into play in a powerful glory filled revival service and worship gathering! For many years now I have seen this mysterious manifestation like a blanket quench the Spirit in thousands of revival meetings and it is what God wants to correct right now by those of us reading this real time reconnaissance report this morning! Are you ready? Here we go….

When we are moving higher into the glory of God in worship, the reason things taper off and a lull comes into play is because God will never operate outside of His Word. In Exodus 25:1-8, when it was time for God to manifest among His people when they were in a gathering to worship Him…He always required FIRST an offering! AND HE WILL ONLY MANIFEST HIMSELF TO THOSE WHO HAVE A WILLING HEART TO GIVE! So when that time comes in our gatherings for Him to receive our tithes and offerings…many people default into SHAME! What happens is that many good believers have not been good stewards of the financial resources God has given them and have spent it on other things…so when the time to give in a service comes (or these email recon alerts)…they get embarrassed, disgraced, confusion, regret, irritation, guilt and self-disgust (i.e. shame of condemnation) enters into their convicted conscience!

I see this manifestation all the time! Believers get irritated and put-on-the-brakes to try to hurry up the offering teaching because they are under the conviction of shame! The shame of knowing they should be giving that $1200 to God instead of getting that new yearly satellite TV subscription, etc… Or they get confused because the joy was so wonderful during worship but now why do we feel guilt, shame, disgrace, or even a worse a stigma of embarrassment in Abba’s presence a few minutes later! It is because you are not hearing condemning preaching but you have been walking in the flesh all month about where you have been spending your hard earned money and not putting God first!!!! There is no place to hide and no fig leaves in sight when God walks through your garden!!! And He always visits in the wind of the day when there is a lull in His ongoing creation because of sin and shame (see Genesis 3)! Don’t you see it!!! I have been in gatherings where the glory has been so strong and went on for weeks because the majority of the believers present where giving so cheerfully and in self-abandonment!!! It is like heaven on earth when everybody is giving! (See II Chronicles 31 and Acts 2)

Now don’t shout me down or should I say delete this email and unsubscribe from our EMM list because you are getting irritated and disgraced! It is not my fault! It is your own conscience convicting you and letting you feel shame in your soul because God wants to bless you!!! And shame and stigma (Godly sorrow) was the only thing that will wake us up!!!

So those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying this morning go ahead and start making yourselves like a purse that does not wear out and give!!!!! Give big time and hilariously to this ongoing critical mission called OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET and give to your local church, and let the cheerfulness of giving allow the Holy Spirit to remove the irritating shame you have been in! I can always tell those who are in the Spirit and are lit up like flood lights in the revival meetings! It is not those during worship but those who are lit up during the offering time!!!

We all have been in the Hall of Shame before and so let’ not be like dogs returning back to the vomit! I have decided to follow the true grace of the Lord Jesus and it has to do with generosity (see II Cor. Chapters 8-9)! Plan today to have something tomorrow to give!!!

It is time to arise for war and go higher into His glory!!!!!! The war trumpet is sounding (Rev. 4:1)


In His service for your faith,