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Don’t Listen to the Shrinks!

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

Fresh Fire is falling here in Stockholm, Sweden! When many believers speak of revival meetings they think of healings, salvations, baptisms, special music, and a plethora of other heightened Holy Spirit experiences…. However, those things should be the normal happenings in a local church fellowship on a weekly basis. But what I’m wanting to talk about this morning is something so much more profound and radical. And it is the concept of total metamorphosis!

Romans 12:1-3 speaks of the total metamorphosis (renewal) of our minds and will into a new state of existence. It is when the fire of God burns so deep that it burns every bridge in your life and leaves you suspended in a state of perpetual death to self and no longer a citizen of this planet! It is when the baptisms of the Spirit repeatedly subdue you into a state of heavenly nitrogen narcosis as there is no longer any desire to return to the surface of normal Christianity! It can be summed up in the statement by the Apostle Paul in Philippians 3, “…that I may attain to the resurrection of the dead.”

This is exactly what is happening here in Scandinavia. Believers that live here are daily being vexed by the extreme anarchy and lawlessness that the Scandinavian centers of Stockholm or Oslo breeds (with very strong anti-Semitism). I have been travelling by subway train to the meetings each day and I have never seen so many demon possessed people in a modern industrialized nation before! It is like a whole generation of people have been given over to an antichrist system! Even when Saddam Hussein was captured last year, he requested to be extradited to Sweden for immunity! The devils loves Sweden and it is a haven for many sleeper cells of evil people! (And that is why Rivers in the Desert is here…hint,hint.)

Yet, right in the midst of this lawlessness is a small remnant of believers who have been burned to ashes by the hot lava fire of God’s nearness! They are so radical and on fire that this week God has answered our desperate prayers and we are going to into a new state of metamorphosis! This is not just a cute little 5 day revival meeting promising just prosperity to God’s people, but a extreme takeover of His temple by the Glorious One! I have never experienced such a radical kidnapping and takeover by the Spirit of God before so deep in my soul! I can never shrink and go back to normalized and terminally dead-on-arrival Westernized Christianity. I really don’t care if God just demolishes the whole structure of the cerebal concept of modern Christianity and declares it “Ichabod” and starts a whole new thing with a brand new move of His Spirit such as we are experiences here in Sweden and Norway! I’m talking about a brutal takeover and reformation!!! (I wish many of you our friends and partners could be here now and feel this fresh fire!!!)

I also have became keenly aware last night of how really dead-on-arrival is much of the North American church. Visiting the services last night was a nice couple for South Carolina visiting Stockholm for a summer vacation. They looked like a successful and happy suburbanite couple that are regular members of a “Spirit-filled” community church. However, when the glorious fire was falling last night they withered in the heat like a daffodil in the desert and went running for the doors when they saw what was happening in the altar call last night! Where is their spiritual endurance under the search light of God??? Too many people are not ready of imminent return of Jesus and are shrinking back from His glorious presence! They are not prepared at all for the upcoming final exams!!!! I do not care how big their church may be in the States or how professional is their worship team!!! Why are so many believers not ready and are shrinking back from the lava fire of His desire for us? It is because they listen to all the Luke-warm “shrinks” that call themselves leaders but are just nothing more than educated cowards who have themselves shrunken back from total martyrdom for Jesus and are serving up a man centered feel good “gospel” message! Last night when I saw this couples response to the fire of God…I was ashamed that I was even an American Christian from the Bible belt of Atlanta!!!! What a bunch of phoney pretenders we have really become in the Bible Belt churchianity of North America!!! A lot of talk but no real passion for the resurrection of the dead as Paul proclaimed Philippians chapter 3!!!! I feel like Jesus is vomiting out all the lukewarm right now (Rev. 3)!!! Yet I also feel so close and consumed by Him!!!

So, I’m sitting here very early Saturday morning in my guest apartment in downtown Stockholm after a night of extreme makeover and transformation meetings. And I see immediately out of my window in the street below a satanic star hanging in a storefront window of a merchant that is advertising openly and boldly satanism for todays youth. Even last night young people were in the streets in total anarchy with no shame or conscience committing open sexual perversion…while others were jumping on parked automobiles wanting to destroy anything that blocked their path. I feel like I’m at the very gates of hell to rescue the lost and in God’s perfect will right now…even though Dalit and I are apart and today is our 17th wedding anniversary….(thank God for a wife who is so supportive of these endeavors)!

I can’t wait until tonights service begins again….

In His war footing,


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