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Alert! New Flashfloods in Israel!

I do not say this lightly or with ulterior motives to advertise this ministry. But the last few weeks a new dynamic anointing and mantel has appeared on this ministry! It is a very deep ecstasy of joy clustered with signs and wonders for exploits on the streets. It is very, very empowering! It is time for you’all who support this ministry to also receive a fresh touch!!! SOMETHING OF WORLD WIDE SIGNIFICANCE HAS HAPPENED IN ISRAEL RECENTLY!

In 1985, the name for this ministry “Rivers In The Desert Intl.” was birthed while I researched for a paper at Oral Roberts University. After coming out of a season of deep prayer I came across a rare book in the library by an Israeli archeologists that had discovered a huge but hidden Christian community in the deserts of Israel. These believers were driven into this desert wasteland fleeing the persecution of the Romans and the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. What was so interesting about these persecuted believers was how they built up there nomadic villages into prosperous commercial centers with their unique prophetic insight and actions. Their civilization lasted for hundreds of years in a very inhospitable region!

The area of the desert wasteland they lived in would every generation receive massive flashfloods followed by decades of drought. So they had the foresight to engineer an elaborate system of dikes, damns, and canals to channel these precious rains into huge underground cisterns and reservoirs. Thus they were able to build a huge desert civilization for their childrens children…literally an oasis and rivers in the desert! The trade routs of the fertile crescent therefore changed their travelling highway to now the shorter route through this desert wasteland that was blossoming like the garden of Eden. And with that came great prosperity to these wise believers.

Since 1985, I have therefore have kept my eye continually on observing the rainfall patterns in the southern desert region of Israel and use those rare flashfloods events to personally signal to me it is time for a new season of prayer and pressing into God to capture his new river of anointings, ideas, and new relationships! This precedence has great Scriptural evidence as in the passages of Isaiah 35; ch 41:17-19; ch. 43:18-21; ch. 44:3-5; ch. 59:19-20; Psalm 126…in following the special parallel seasons of the outpourings of the Holy Spirit. These are the ebbs and flows of the windward ways of God which has been hidden to much of the Church world because of replacement theology and anti-semitism…and also plain old laziness and stubborn religious thinking!!!!

The last few months I have been following the current rainfall weather events in Israel with great interest and I have exciting news to report to you’all that the desert wastelands of Southern Israel have been receiving very large amounts of rain this year!!!!!

See ya in the hidden desert waterworks project,

Scott and Dalit

PS, This is our moment to dig in deeper!!! The flashfloods in Israel have happened!!!! A new thing has begun!!!!!

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