Shalom Vertical Warriors,

I have never really wanted to say this before, however, the urgency of the hour leaves me no other option as a watchman on His walls but to loudly sound the trumpet. There is another wave of judgment coming in God’s house and it will no longer tarry and be idle. God is going to hold accountable all ministries who have ruined God’s vineyard by steering His people into perpetual carnal and soulish activities rather than teaching them His Ruach windward ways!

I hear an absolute warning this morning in His Shahar blackness and stillness! He wants to execute His war on His enemies but many shepherds have turned His House into a ruined vineyard! The believers who should be ready to fight and execute war (especially against terrorism) are so bound up in their own soulish pleasures and ambitions that their carnal mind has become an enemy of God (see Romans 8; Galatians 5; I Cor. 3)!

Look at this prophetic recon Abba gave me this morning-

“Many shepherds have ruined My vineyard, they have trampled down my field; they have made My pleasant field a desolate wilderness. It has been made a desolation, desolate, it mourns before Me; the whole land has been made desolate, because no man lays it to heart.” (Jeremiah 12:10-11 NASB)

The prophet Jeremiah is giving a direct reference to the perpetual backsliding that Israel and Judah fell into. Jeremiah strove to return the people of God back into the simpler shepherding life because the difficulties intrinsic in raising crops in Israel constantly tempted the farmer to turn to idol worship (i.e. Baal) of the Canaanite farmers. The people easily fell prey to Baal worship because it promised the rains and agricultural prosperity to ensue but it did not have the same strict stipulations of the Law of Moses. Today we can say that modern Baal worship is still very pervasive in the teachings of many shepherds because they likewise promise prosperity and success, but leave out the strict teachings and stipulations of dying to self, taking up your cross daily…which can only be done by living the windward lifestyle of holiness in His Spirit.

This is why so many believers here in North America are in a desolate wilderness of spiritual dryness! They have gone along with the programs and the winds of doctrines of men who appeal to their carnal nature by promising them freedom, love, hope, and success in life…. However, now there are many believers that are starting to wake up and see that what has actually been built these last 40 years is a multifarious system of many little kingdoms of shepherds competing and waring with each other! They have built up a manmade kingdom that is not a house of prayer for all the nations, but more like a country club of self-serving and feel-good man-made doctrines! And now many shepherds are beginning to feel the heat and are getting angry and threatened because many God fearing believers are voicing out the Divine discontent that has entered their souls and are tired of being in state of mild mourning (every Sunday morning) trying to figure out what has happened to the manifest cloud of His presence that used to be so heavy and lingering in their lives! This is not rebellion…but the beginnings of an overthrow of the monarchy kingship control enterprise of dominance and profiteering that has been the main griever of the Holy Spirit in the modern Christendom! (I know many full time minsters that are just a bunch of lazy bums when it comes to hard work and hostage rescue! They call themselves “full-time”, but really they work only part time and expect everybody else to pay for their extended sabbaticals that seem to be every month!!! They act like they are semi-retired! And not only that…the reason they went into ministry was because they failed so repeatedly in the business world that they found ‘teaching’ the Church an easy way to make money and live the good life!!!! )

The prophet Jeremiah in this above text is also making reference to the past destructive incursions by shepherds from the East into the land of Israel. In the days of Gideon (Judges 6) we see that after the Israelites had done their sowing, the shepherds of Midian, Amalek, and the Kedemites would come up and not just raid them…but release their livestock to graze the land until it is ravaged! This historical account from the time of the Judges holds a warning again for us today. Beware of the shepherds who bring in the teachings from the East of Israel (i.e. Babylon/Mammon) because they will graze and ravage you financially!!!! And what is even more alarming is that God actually allowed these Eastern shepherds to come in because Israel was in a vacuum of sin and disobedience! (It is time to wake up folks and smell the coffee…..)

This is why so many believers in America are so ravaged spiritually and financially…and it is because many profiteering shepherds have destroyed God’s vineyard and left it a desert!

Sounds like it is time for Rivers to break out in the Desert!!!!!!

Sounds like it is time for the Gideon’s to rise up as NT Judges/warriors and drive back these invading shepherds of the East!!!!

God hears the cries of His people and it is break out time!!!! Look to see more of God’s warring judgments fall on 1) the serial religious killers (Terrorists) and 2) the destructive shepherds of the East (leaders who bring in the Kingship patterns of Mammon from Babylon)!

This is deep and this is why it is so vital that this type of ministry you guys love and support has plenty of spiritual and financial support to wage this war on these two fronts!!!

Thank you for loving our Master and believing in His anointing that is upon this ministry! Let’s get living waters to those who are in these devastated vineyards!!!!

In His war footing for both of these fronts,

Scott and Dalit Holtz