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Chicago Sears Tower Plot Foiled!


Tonight another supernatural victory through OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET was reported!

Twenty-three days ago I was invited to minister in Chicago, IL. at a wonderful and on-fire church. While preparing a message on the “Joy of the Lord” for the meeting that night…suddenly the Holy Spirit sternly warned me not to preach a happy-feel-good message…but to preach a message of a 911 warning!

Then suddenly I looked out the window of the high rise hotel I was staying in and a huge thunderstorm had just begun to roll in and to my shock the beginning of a twister cloud also appeared! This was God’s warning to me to obey Him! Something was up and it was time for war!!!

So being startled from my river enjoyment, the Holy Spirit quickened me to sound the shofar against sleeper cells of terrorism that were planning to strike Chicago…. And that night we went into drive-by shofar mode as we have done so many times before….

Now look at this Breaking News that just came out tonight (23 days later!) after being in Chicago!


“Seven people were arrested in Miami on terrorism conspiracy charges Thursday in connection with the early stages of a plot to attack Chicago’s Sears Tower and other buildings in the United States, a federal law enforcement official said.” (see line here at,2933,200677,00.html )

Dear brothers and sisters, the prophetic accuracy of exposing and terrorism is getting so strong now with this ministry! I feel a fire to do this more and more! Thank you for your support to help make this happen! I have in my heart to have a large supply of funds and resources at hand so we can at any moment go and do counter terrorism operations an where in the world. Many innocent lives are being spare; much property damage is being also spared; we are winning this war on terror!!!! Can you please Help!!!????

Let’s go for it O’ Mighty fellow warriors! Prayerfully send in your best gift to this operation so we can go and do more of these amazing exploits. Just read our past updates and see how many confirming signs and wonders have been happening as we venture out in this new move of the Spirit of Justice!

We need to hear from you soon! I just want to go and do more and more for His kingdom!!! I can’t bury this talent but must use it 24/7! I’m totally blown away by how accurate and precise His prophetic counter terrorism operations are getting!!!!! How many moire confirmations do some of you need before you believe and jump in and help us get this operation into the next level????? Lives are at stake now…you will be rewarded richly for helping those who are under the terror of death!!!!!!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit

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