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Counter Terrorism Update, Operation Imminent Trumpet

War with Hizbollah Update LIVE from Israel!

We are currently under a heavy katoosha and corresponding Israeli artillery exchange here tonight along the border with Lebanon. Due to security concerns I will not be able to give you’all much details but will attempt a brief overview of the last 48 hours.

Desert Shepherd Warrior, Encouragement

The Sissy “Christian” Culture

It is time this morning not for your Starbuck’s coffee to wake you up, but to be bucked out of bed to follow the true Morning Star! And let His Name be your motivation this morning…not some Columbian bean!!!!


Divine Ambushments

We have only “1? Satellite TV channel that I allow into our living room and that is the Israeli news channel in Hebrew. As Dalit and I have been praying while viewing the current events unfold in Israel and Lebanon today we can’t help but think of all the distorted and one-sided news broadcasting that [...]

Desert Shepherd Warrior, Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance

Spiritual Terrorism in the Church!

Get out your Bibles this morning because we have a fresh penetrating word of truth that is going to set many free and finally expose the hidden spirit of terrorism that is in the Church! The Spirit of God wants to expose and dispose of His greatest last enemy that turns leaders into spiritual despots [...]


The Confirming Rolling Thunder

The last few weeks I have had the privilege to be asked to lead many believers into battle. Literally our phone has been ringing off the hook and thousands of emails have filled our in-box from people all around the planet asking me to lead them into this final battle of time. I have humbly [...]