Signs & Wonders

Signs and Wonders in the Heavens!

Last Thursday night in the tent revival meetings of Eagle Ministries in Ontario Canada a very shocking event happened. As the service concluded and several of us were laying down at the altar waiting upon God…suddenly I felt the urge to go outside and look at the heavens. As I did, behold, the whole sky was exhibiting the strangest cloud formations I have ever seen! Clouds were appearing and then disappearing directly over the tent and looked like angelic vapor trails that were all heading Eastward! Then in the same direction appeared this huge cloud resembling a man’s hand and forearm that was pointing EASTWARD!

Of the dozen or so people that stood outside with me gazing into the heavens, all were deeply stirred and touched by the Holy Spirit. It was no doubt to the timing of this angelic activity…the Kingdom of God is moving EASTWARD (Jerusalem and the Middle East) to conclude this final battle of time!

We will be praying every morning here in Atlanta at our Rivers in the Desert Fellowship location (5:30AM) and those of you who live in other regions of the world I also encourage you to meet for early morning prayer ASAP!

There is a battle for the East right now!!!!

Time is short and it is time to birth….

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit

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