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Encouragement, Reconnaissance

The New and Fresh Baptisms of the Spirit of God

I have been so blessed the last few days with sudden surges of power that feels like a lighting strike. It almost feels like you have just drunken a keg of Red Bull energy drink and are filled with this power to go out and run a supernatural triathlon (LOL). So while waiting and marinating [...]

Desert Shepherd Warrior, Encouragement


Shalom Friends and Fellow Gideon-Type Warriors, You maybe thinking this morning what does “Gideon-Type” warriors make reference to? Gideon’s name in Hebrew can be translated as “one who hews down the enemy”! And that is exactly what The Commander and Chief wants to raise up in this hour! Not believers who just stay perpetually in [...]

Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance

Re-Calibrating Our Discernment

The glory of God was very strong in our midst of warfare meetings in Raleigh, NC this last weekend and more operational downloads for successful tactical spiritual warfare is coming from the Commander and Chief. Here is the latest that I have been meditating on and researching the last few weeks and I have finally [...]

Operation Imminent Trumpet

A New Seam in History!

Shalom Friends and Fellow Tactical Warriors, This morning I was reminded by the wonderful Holy Ghost and His brooding presence that we are in a new seam in history right now. This summer when we were on the Israeli/Lebanese border during the war trying to sleep one night, while massive IDF bombardments were going on, [...]

Prophetic Warning, Wake Up Call - 911

CODE BLUE ALERT! It is Time to Take Evasive Maneuvers!

Abba has given me some fresh directives this morning to share with you as we all implement evasive maneuvers and re-calibrate ourselves to not fall away into the deception I wrote about in my last posting to you’all titled It is Time for a Very Serious Inventory in the Current “Prophetic Movement” . In my [...]

Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance

Why The Sodomite March In Jerusalem?

Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, We just yesterday arrived back from the 14 day Operation in Israel and after driving over 2300 kilometers on the rental van throughout this tiny country, I believe we can give you a good assessment of what is happening there on the ground.