Prophetic Warning, Wake Up Call - 911

CODE BLUE ALERT! It is Time to Take Evasive Maneuvers!

Abba has given me some fresh directives this morning to share with you as we all implement evasive maneuvers and re-calibrate ourselves to not fall away into the deception I wrote about in my last posting to you’all titled It is Time for a Very Serious Inventory in the Current “Prophetic Movement” . In my prayerfully soaked initiative yesterday to mention the key players in the current Apostolic/Prophetic movement and where was their Nathan like confrontation of David (i.e. Ted Haggard) ? I have on the rebound been receiving some friendly-fire and live incoming rounds of hatred/abusive speech.

Here is the bottom line…. Many people that have lead this movement, or even worse those who support their prophetic ministries, have set these people up as “Monarchs of The Soothsaying Promising Spiritual Pleasures Order” and therefore go on the attack against those of us who are asking serious probing questions and have the raw facts to back up what we are asking! We want to see an across-the-board audit of this movements leaders that were connected with Ted Haggard to see what other skeletons are in the closet! Is it wrong to be like Joshua and after losing the battle at Ai, to not go in and audit the camp to see where the hidden sin is and deal surgically with it! If a Boeing 767 airliner is attempting to land at JFK airport in NYC with an engine problem and it is found out later that it was a manufacturing defect…does not the Feds demand that the entire fleet of 767’s get grounded and fixed ASAP!? So it is the same in this hour dear folks! Divine Judgment has picked up exponentially in His house in this late hour and there is no escaping it! So don’t shoot the messenger if you do not like the message we are relaying from heaven…. Repent and quit being in denial if your favorite speaker I mentioned yesterday is being called by myself and many others to be judicially put on the CAT scan ASAP for their lack of discernment! What is wrong with Holy Ghost audits? It is better than people dropping dead like Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5!!! Let the truth come forth!!!! This is the best way to bring repentance and restoration to bear!!!! The Church is losing to many battles in this hour and it is because of the hidden sin at Ai (see Joshua ch. 7)!!!!

Here is a text that has been swirling inside of me for radical evasive maneuvers that is now needed in this late hour….

“Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air;
But I buffet my body and make it my slave, lest possibly, after I have preached to others,
I myself should be a disqualified” (I Cor. 9:26-27 NASB)

This entire chapter of Paul’s first letter to the church at Corinth is embedded in the greater context of Paul having to deal with a very similar topic we are discussing today! Let’s look at it….

1) Paul is dealing with a very active prophetic and charismatic/mystical church that is in deep carnality of political divisions and strife (ch. 1:10-17).
2) Paul deals with this by surgically cutting out their carnal Greek humanistic wisdom foundation that they were relying on (ch. 1:18- 2:16).
3) Paul therefore humbles himself and shows them the example of how to be the “scum of the earth” and a true slave of Messiah (ch. 4:1-21).
4) Paul then ruthlessly and surgically goes after the fruit of these carnal divisions which is sexual immorality (ch. 5:1-13).
5) This sexual perversion was so shocking that the only way to rescue that person was to turn them over to the destruction of their flesh (ch. 5:4-5).
6) He then next directs them to get back into their Jewish roots and celebrate Passover the right way to begin the re-calibration process (ch. 5:6-8).

This then set the tone to what Paul now brings this church into and that is how to buffet our bodies and make it our slave so as to not be disqualified in this race. (This message is not really being preached much on the main Christian media outlets now is it…..?)

Now let’s examine some of the Greek words Paul uses in I Cor. chapter 9 to help us take evasive maneuvers in this late hour. (All which is taken from the Linguistic Key to the Greek NT, by Fritz Rienecker, Zondervan Press.)

1) Paul uses the example of runners in the Arena (the barbaric and violent games that does not even represent the current Olympics of today) to set the stage for the theme of self control (see ch. 9:24).

2) To “exercise self-control”(ch. 9:25) is gnomic and emphasizes that which is always true. All endeavors of the athlete are in vain if he has not trained his body and abstained from all that might in any harm his physical condition. (Our culture is cluttered with fat, lazy, and “the cult of the indulgent” majority and that mind set is spilling over into our spiritual diets as well!)

3) To “receive an imperishable wreath” (ch.9:25) Paul is not speaking of agonizing for the prize of eternal life but rather for the goal of faithfully proclaiming the gospel message! (Most people are just believing to get to heaven instead of faithfully enslaving themselves to evangelize!)

4) To “fight” (ch. 9:26) The image of a boxer is incorporated to reintroduce the principle of self-restriction and self-negation. (When was the last time you heard a personal prophecy in the Apostolic conferences of going on a immediate heightened warning to return to slavery, self-restriction, and self-negation? Why is so many “renewal messages” nicely bypass this and pick up with the blessings of comfort and joy!!!?)

5) To “buffet my body” (ch. 9:27) Paul uses the word to strike under the eye, to beat black and blue! (It is time to have new meetings to teach us on how to bruise yourself black and blue and enslave ourselves in a violent and vigorous training schedule like an runner in the ancient Arena games! Why? Because if you can’t keep your Levi’s on you can’t be a Levite!!!! )

6) To “be disqualified” (ch. 9:27) or castaway…to be rejected as unusable and is used of metals and coins in the ancient world that were rejected for not standing the test. (Need I say more…..this is the black hole of apostasy that God has opened up in this hour to those who do not love honesty!)

There is alot here to immediately implement and I encourage you to get back into your early morning prayer and waiting time you mighty warriors and put on His battle armour in this hour and see if you are really in THE faith!!!

Be like a Marine and endure hardness as good soldier of Jesus our Messiah!

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