Operation Imminent Trumpet, Special Operations, Supernatural Exploits

Special Ops Update

Last night the Spirit of Justice windwardly took us on a mission to sound the shofar of accountability/shaking at the Jimmy Carter Presidential library here in downtown Atlanta, GA. This stealth mission was due to the building anti-Israel rhetoric coming out of this former President in his media circuit interviews and new book. Here is some excerpts-

1) Israel is the primary obstacle to peace in the region
2) UN Resolution 242 demands that Israel return to Palestinians all land up to the 1967 borders
3) The West Bank is Palestine
4) Israel is an apartheid state
5) The PLO has never advocated the annihilation of Israel
6) Voices from Israel dominate in the U.S. media
7) Israel is responsible for the exodus of Christians from the Holy Land (What?….I really think this former Pres. is no longer a true Bible believing Christian!)

As we began to prophesy in front of the Presidential seal and the symbolic circle of 50 state flags of the USA of this complex…suddenly the wind picked up and a foreboding sense of judgment filled the air…. Stay tuned and watch the news outlets concerning this shaking former Pres. Carter in the near future….

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