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Desert Shepherd Warrior, Reconnaissance

Tactical Warfare: Know Your Real Enemy

Shalom Fellow Warriors, The glory meetings in California and Alberta, Canada the last two weeks were deep and powerful! Many reports of good fruit are coming forth and the shofar-drive-by’s that targeted key operational centers of the enemy have been neutralized! Much rejoicing is still going on from the many warriors who attended and partook [...]

Encouragement, Reconnaissance

Wherever The Spirit Was About To Go….

Several weeks back I received a major download from Heaven that has brought me to new level of active obedience. What has ensued is thus a lifestyle of bringing optimum pleasure to Abba! This is what I want to bring you’all also into and this is what is the bottom line the Christian disciplined race [...]

Desert Shepherd Warrior, Encouragement

Returning To Our Original DNA

It is time for the Bride to return back to her original DNA of being birthed in the fire glory before the world began (Prov. 8:22-31)…. It is time for the Bride of Yeshua to return back to the betrothal fires of the Desert and be purged from her adulterous ways (Jer. 2:2)…. This is [...]

Special Operations, Supernatural Exploits

*New Video of Night Ops at Carter Presidential Library*

A special night operational video has now been posted on our web site and will stir your faith to get tactical in this late hour. This spontaneous shofar drive-by was conducted on Dec. 20th, 2006 and then last week on Thursday Jan. 11th, 2007 (22 days later) a major shaking has happened at the Jimmy [...]

Special Operations, Supernatural Exploits

Update of Past Special Ops at the Carter Presidential Library

Shalom Fellow Vertical Warriors, As many of you will recall that we did a special shofar drive-by at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library a few weeks back (Dec. 21st, 2006) for a shaking to hit him and his organization for his rhetoric against Israel (see below’s past email pasted in red). We stood and prophesied [...]


Testimony from this Weeks PA. Meetings

Things are really heating up in PA since the shofar was sounded this weekend!

Operation Imminent Trumpet, Reconnaissance, Wake Up Call - 911


The greatest impetus of the last days in the Scriptures is the theme of the Lord of the Armies of Heaven manifesting in the earth to deliver the Church and Israel from her enemies. The references to this theme are so numerous in the end time apocalyptic literature of the OT and NT writings that [...]

Counter Terrorism Update, Signs & Wonders

Signs in the Heavens

This is a quick update to infuse you with faith for immediate action in your current theater of Special Ops! Two days ago while conducting revival meetings in Emporium, PA., the Holy Spirit visited us with a very strong gale force wind…suddenly…out of nowhere while outside sounding the shofar over the property of one of [...]


PA Glory Meetings!

Shalom Warriors, God has given us a divine connection with a radical fellowship of believers in the State of Pennsylvania! Starting tomorrow evening we will be having a series of meetings that will bring in the explosive fire and glory of God! Anything could happen in this environment and if you are in this region [...]