Counter Terrorism Update, Signs & Wonders

Signs in the Heavens

This is a quick update to infuse you with faith for immediate action in your current theater of Special Ops!

Two days ago while conducting revival meetings in Emporium, PA., the Holy Spirit visited us with a very strong gale force wind…suddenly…out of nowhere while outside sounding the shofar over the property of one of the families of the church. It was a very powerful and startling sign that something windward has begun and the angelic hosts are moving! So on that supernatural cue, we went out again a few hours later, this time with the entire church to a mountain overlook that is above the city of Emporium, PA.

It was a clear cold night with brilliant stars sparkling above us…when again suddenly as the shofar was sounded…a strange cloud appeared directly over our heads that looked like a door standing open! I immediately heard this Scripture rise up from within my belly…..

“After this I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven! And the first voice which I had heard addressing me like the calling of a war trumpet said, Come up here, and I will show you what must take place in the future.” (Rev. 4:1 Amp.)

The consensus of the leaders that were present and witnessed these supernatural signs is that we must take decisive action now to wake up the remnant of God for the battle against religious deception that is now sweeping thru the church! (Too many believers are asleep in this hour!)

The second supernatural sign happened a few days ago as we again sounded this shofar (war trumpet) against the infrastructure of terrorism. Last Wednesday (1-3-2007) I began to sense a dark foreboding attack against me that was very similar to when I have gone to Mosques or into the Sinai peninsula to sound the shofar in times past. I have encountered this prince of the power of the air that manifests thru Al Qaeda before in counter-terrorism operations…but this time it was almost suffocating and hard to shake. In spiritual warfare like this it is best to be very fluid and mobile and counter attack quickly (i.e. the best defense is offense) and do not let fear take root in your soul and become stationary and thus develop a bunker mentality. So knowing this, I pulled out the shofar and began to attack with all the faith I could muster here in my office….and then the saturating peace came that another victory has been chalked up against Al Qaeda….

Here is the report below of another mastermind and East African commander of Al Qaeda being brought to justice that had oversight of the Sinai terror cells operating against Israel ( This is the 3rd “mastermind” leader that has been brought to justice so far thru these exploits coined by Abba as OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET! And it is time to do more!!!

We are currently planning our next operation into Israel with this same firepower that just keeps building each time we do these trips and spontaneous operations. Our current need is this time to purchase a living facility in Israel. I want you’all to pray and seek Abba on what your part would be to help lift up our hands to do more of these very fruitful operations and move into Israel with no debt.

We have a divine discontent about what is coming on the horizon and Abba is signalling for us to move our operations into Israel quickly because the clouds of war are gathering once again…..

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit

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