Operation Imminent Trumpet, Prophetic Warning

**Very Serious Update**

Something very serious happened this week that I want to share with you’all. On Tuesday afternoon, as I was busy doing year-end admin work here in the office, …suddenly the cloud of glory filled my work area and the Holy Spirit told me to pray…. After a few minutes of flowing in rich intercession, He speaks in a commanding voice and warns me, “Son, if anyone (believer or unbeliever) speaks to you and criticizes, maligns, minimizes, and even is not interested in you sounding the trumpet continually against terrorism and the other missions of OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET I have assigned you to do…then they are speaking directly from the Devil!”. Suddenly I was caught up into the Spirit and saw a vision of the terror tactics of the Devil in trying to minimize us from sounding the shofar by orchestrating people (mainly believers) to dissuade us from the importance of OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET. And that this synergism of using carnal believers against us was the direct work of the strong man of Islamic terrorism from the underworld!

Then within three minutes, my office phone begins to strangely ring and my computer email program inbox began to chime in of “believers” calling and writing me and speaking against, trashing, and even mocking our call to sound the trumpet! It was like the twilight zone of the underworld was operating through believers and they did not even know what they were doing!!!

In all of this, I was actually greatly encouraged by this offensive from the underworld because I knew they (the spirits of the underworld) are terrified of us going back into combat mode in Israel this coming Monday and then back into the most secular country in Europe the following week (Sweden)! It was the tactical and sudden strong command from Abba to watch out for this psychological warfare against us sounding the trumpet…that has set my face like flint to rebuke anything that tries to hinder these upcoming Operations.

A few hours later, another wave of phone call begin to pour in again from people who had just had conversations with pastors and other leaders of ministries who were trying to trash, mock, and ridicule us and the blowing the shofar against terrorism! …And Praise God… finally before the day is over…the incoming waves of phone calls from the prophets and prophetess began reach me, who are strongly exhorting me (not knowing what has already been going on) that they have been picking up in the Spirit that Dalit and I must attack terrorism even stronger and even go to the major hot spots of this Nation, Europe, and the Middle East! And don’t delay…danger is in the air!!!

…And all of this culminates this morning when I check into the office and I hear this call that came in late last night. It was a call from a Government official who is the manager for a emergency office that coordinates disaster response for large portion of the West Coast of North America. He says to me that he has been up all night praying and working…and needed to call me and tell me that I need to sound the shofar about some very serious things going on! When he said the word “shofar” I looked down at my clock on my computer this morning and it was 9:11 AM!!!!! (Let me tell you all something about this person…. He is the same person who contacted me to sound the shofar in December 1999 at his emergency government office because they were expecting an imminent terrorist attack to happen at the Y2k celebrations!!! Then three days later the US border agents caught a Bin Laden trained terrorist coming out of Canada on his way to blow up the LA airport! …And thus this was the birthing point of this new special anointing that came upon RITDI to do these radical counter-terrorism Ops!)

Something is up dear friends…. It seems once Dalit and I announced our plans to move to Israel… all hell has broke loose against us to cut our financial support and this attack is mainly coming from pastors, ministers, and lawless believers who have unknowingly been deceived by the enemy and think they are doing a service for God by criticizing and downplaying (trashing) what we are doing! It seems as though a spirit of anti-Semitism is rising up through the Monarchy Kingship pattern and those who flow in it and support it financially!

So early next week Dalit and I will launch back into Israel with what is the most important Operation to date. This is why the enemy has sent so much camouflaged attacks via believers against us to hinder this Operation!

Let me now discuss with you’all what is on the burner right now that needs to be taken care of and implemented.


This will be a on-line digital Holy Ghost village and refueling depot for you Desert Shepherd Warriors out there. It will be the main vehicle that we will be using to bring you through your desert experiences and into the realm of doing supernatural exploits for His glory! The teachings, recommended reading pages, the weapons room, etc…that will be featured here will be like a School of the Spirit that has not been seen before on planet earth. It is radical, cutting edge, and will polarize you to radically obey Him in this late hour. This will be one of the most exciting discipleship making tools out there…and we need $25K now to finish this project. (Many scattered sheep are waiting for this new portal to open up…please be quick in your response!)


Need I say much more… Everyone of you knows who follows our ministry that it is going to take Hundreds of Thousands of $$$ to facilitate the open heavens that He wants to initiate when this shofar is sounded. Dalit and I are stretching ourselves out all the way like a drink offering for the service of your faith…can you’all do the same? I know there is brothers and sisters out there who can give the Lord a very special sacrifice…. Folks…This is blessing Israel! This is to rescue the innocent form the terrors of the underworld! This is to radically disciple warriors for this last hour! What more can I say??? God is looking for offerings only from those who have a willing heart….(Exodus 25)! Get willing and give, give, and give sacrificially and stop spending so much on yourself!!!!

There comes the time in every person’s life where he or she must make the most important decision. Will they use their God given talents and gifts to help others? Or will they use those talents to serve and help only themselves?

The line in the sand has been drawn….

The warnings are upon us….

The choice is yours…..

Are you willing to overcome your fears and stretch yourselves out and sacrifice all to serve others? Everyone of you who receive our emails can look for creative ways to send a sacrificial offerings.

It is time to get seriously into this race and run to win…..

The time is now…..

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit

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