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Operation Imminent Trumpet, Special Operations


Last night in our closing meeting in California one of the believers prophesied to me that as soon as I leave the soil of California that the warning judgments would began from our shofar operation into Hollywood last Sunday (see below). And sure enough…as soon as my flight landed in Atlanta I see in the [...]

Operation Imminent Trumpet, Special Operations

UPDATE from California

Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, Sunday afternoon we led a group of believers to sound the shofar over the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California. The high value targets in these shofar-drive-bys were Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Sunset Blvd., Malibu beach, Mel Gibson’s private church, Barbara Streisand’s residence, and Oprah Winfrey’s residence. The glory of God [...]

Encouragement, Reconnaissance

Build My House of Glory (continues)!

It is time to transition out of the old wineskin and into the new. It is time to forgot the past and move forward into the new. It is time to return to the original foundation God intended for the local church to represent. And thus the reason for such a wonderful soaking move of [...]

Desert Shepherd Warrior, Reconnaissance


Shalom Fellow Warriors, There is several obscure texts of Scripture that has captivated my macro outlook of the whole of Christian service the last several months that needs to be re-visited again today. It is the foundation of everything that we should be desiring and believing for in this exciting new hour…or else we are [...]