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Encouragement, Operation Imminent Trumpet

No Greater Love Than This

Shalom Fellow Vertical Warriors, Yesterday while grocery shopping with four of our five children and about to enter the checkout line I curiously noticed a display of American flags for sale. Maybe it is just my perceptions, but I have observed this Memorial Day weekend here in suburbia Atlanta, GA., that very few homes are [...]

Operation Imminent Trumpet, Prophetic Warning


Shalom Fellow Vertical Warriors, Today begins the Biblical Feast of Shavuot (i.e.Pentecost) which always directs my mind back to the time of the 120 disciples tarrying for 50 days in Jerusalem for the promise of the Holy Spirit! As you know from our past EMM entitled, The Javelin of Shavuot, the Holy Spirit has been [...]

Encouragement, Operation Imminent Trumpet

Your Break Out! (Part 4)

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Fellow Vertical Warriors, There is a new flow of revelation coming from Scriptures this last week and I hope you have been challenged and nourished by this series of EMM’s titled, Your Break Out. Even though we are in a major operation to raise finances for the new thing [...]

Encouragement, Operation Imminent Trumpet

The Effervescence of Break Out! (PART 3)

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Fellow Vertical Warriors, This morning I would like to identify the exact GPS location for your break out. And once you have experienced this location of when and where your break out begins…then you will able to help others find this place of God’s commanded blessings. (Hint, hint…it begins [...]

Encouragement, Operation Imminent Trumpet

Your Break-Out (Part 2)

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Fellow Vertical Warriors, Glory be to God! How is everybody doing out there this bright and beautiful morning?! It is time to sit back and have a big updraft of the Holy Ghost and let me encourage you’ all with some more fresh manna directed for your break out! [...]

Encouragement, Operation Imminent Trumpet

Your Break-Out

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Friends and Vertical Warriors, In the early morning dawn a few hours ago I began to see by faith mega break-outs into the new thing God has for each of you. These break-outs of your current situation you are now facing is directly in-sync to the love/generosity that He [...]

Operation Imminent Trumpet


Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, May this communiqué find you in the deep aquifers of His presence! It is the only place that you can safely drink to keep from getting spiritually dehydrated with all that is happening in our planet today! There is a River that flows from the throne of God that is [...]

Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance, Signs & Wonders

The Mysterious Flashflood in Israel Today

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, Earlier today something happened that was so predictive and full of warning that even as I write this EMM to you I’m trembling with Godly fear. I plead with you dear friends to not casually forget what you are about to read, but soberly listen [...]

Operation Imminent Trumpet, Reconnaissance

The Debt to Israel

Shalom Fellow Warriors, Our family has been intimately knowledgeable of the ongoing spiritual condition of the believers in Israel for many years now. What saddens our hearts is the amount of support that is being raised to bless Israel by the Christian Zionist ministries, yet the majority (if not all) of those funds go directly [...]

Desert Shepherd Warrior, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Reconnaissance

Coming to Israel’s Aid

Shalom Friends and Warriors, This is an early morning reconnaissance report concerning the times and seasons we are in and how we all need to rush to the assistance of the nation of Israel in this late hour. Though Israel and its IDF make up the most powerful army in that theatre of the Middle [...]

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