Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends & Fellow Warriors,

In my recent and intensive studies on the topic of Joel’s last day’s prophecy of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, I have come across some very interesting insights that I would like to share with you. As I have travelled extensively across the Western nations with the message of The Glory of God, I have encountered many interpretations of what certain leaders dogmatically assert what “revival” is to their listeners… yet when these definitions of “revival” are closely examined for Scriptural grounding, they are found to be running into a very severe deficient!

Thus, the reason for this topic in today’s Early Morning Manna is a deep burden I have recently been transfused with from Abba, to try and help you’ all make sense of all these irrational winds of doctrine that are currently being communicated. The end result has been that since the peaking and then sudden tapering off (at 911) of the North American revival gatherings of the 1990’s, that way too much time and energy is being wasted in “programmed gatherings” asking Abba for a “revival” that is not Scripturally-based but really contemporary-based. This is a recipe for failure in prayer; failure in true discipleship; failure in true counter-terrorism and warfare…no matter how well meaning our endeavors maybe in wanting a Spiritual awakening to happen in our nations. Now is the hour dear warriors to be solid in the Scriptures and thus not be tossed around by every wind of doctrine (Eph. 4:14). It is time to check and police everything that is being communicated in the Christian media outlets and pulpits to see if it is Scripture-based or just contemporary folklore. It is time to be noble-minded like the Bereans (Acts 17) and with great eagerness examine the Scriptures daily to confirm what is being preached (including these EMM teachings)!

The past few weeks I have been digging into the original Hebrew texts that make up the NT foundation for the theme of the Holy Spirit’s outpouring upon all flesh. These prophetic writings are mainly from the 8th Century BC prophets of Judah and Israel such as Isaiah, Joel, and Hosea and actually speak of a last day outpouring that is so much different than what we are even hearing in today’s contemporary Western “revival” meetings.

(This is a very intricate and detailed subject so I will do my best to break it down into the basic building blocks). The main highlights foretold by the writers of the Old and New Covenants concerning the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh (mankind) can be outlined as-

1) It is prayer based, not music based.

2) It is repentance based and not self based.

3) It is fear based not happiness based.

4) It is corporate based and not individual based.

5) It is warfare based and not recreational based.

6) It is mobile based and not building based.

7) It is judgment based not kindness based.

I know that these outline points above may blow a few head gaskets with some of our readership, but just sit back, have a Holy Ghost updraft, and let me finish presenting…His case. I highly encourage you’ all to take a few hours this week and re-read the writings of the prophets Joel, Hosea, and Isaiah. Then quickly re-read the Book of Acts with special emphasis to these OT 8th Century prophetic literature themes that are quoted by the writer Luke. Not only will this study build your faith, but it will also point you in the right direction of His prevailing Spirit winds and not the contemporary winds of the doctrines of men! Take notes and see how many times the above seven-point outline is correct and thus begin to uncover that what we have been feed to believe is “revival”… is really not accurately based in the Scriptures or even first century Early Church history! Let me leave you with just one quick example before you enjoy your Scriptural journey this week of re-reading the 8th Century BC Prophets in sync with the Book of Acts.

Case in Point:

In the famous chapter of Acts 2 and the day of the Shavuot (i.e. Pentecost) outpouring event we see a tremendous release of God’s Holy Spirit that brought in 3000 Jewish souls in one sermon! These souls were of course observant Jewish people from the Diaspora who had come for the Shavuot Feast celebration. They would have known by heart the texts of Joel and the Psalms that Peter boldly declared under this amazing and heavy anointing. But what was it that caused them to be pierced in their hearts and cry out “what shall we do?” in reference to being saved from their perverse generation? Was it the tongues and interpretations being echoed out? Was it the sound of the mighty rushing wind? Was it the boldness of Peter and the Apostles? Or was it something else that contributed to their capitulation into being pierced and smitten in their conscience and thus surrendering to the Lordship of Yeshua (Jesus) they had just 50+ days earlier mocked and crucified? (I call this the Javelin of Shavuot!)

You will notice that Peter’s final words to them before their capitulation from amazement to utter Godly terror was the quotation from Psalms 110! This is one of the most widely quoted texts in the New Testament that deals not only with the Messiahship of Jesus but also something very, very opposite to the current trend and teachings of the Western church growth philosophy (i.e. churchianity folklore)!

Look up and read Psalms 110 and then with a good reference Bible look up all the times it is quoted in the NT! It is a very powerful prophetic Psalm that cannot be overlooked and thus continue to go unnoticed in today’s contemporary Christian culture.

Psalms 110 is the premier OT and NT end time apocalyptic direction of Heaven in these last days. It is all about God’s war, wrath, and judgment through His volunteer army of commando’s! And this volunteer army is birthed from the womb of the early morning dawn and drink the water from His brook like the Gideon 300 (Ps. 110:1-7)!!!
This is what pierced these 3000 observant Jewish souls that Shavuot morning…it was the startling realization that they had actually crucified and murdered the LORD OF THE ARMIES OF HEAVEN and the only way they could save themselves from His resurrected His wrath and judgment was to totally volunteer to fight in His army like Gideon warriors (read Acts 2:34-41 with Ps. 110)! Can you imagine the terror that filled their souls and pierced their conscience like a javelin of pure truth and thus they surrendered to the His Lordship!!! Why don’t we hear more preaching like this on Sunday morning services here in the Western churches that pierces and smites the conscience of the pew sitters? Why is it we welcome new visitors to our Sunday services with such a vigor and happiness by the professional greeters with enticing gift packages that rival they way most people treat their moms on Mother’s day? Why don’t we follow the premier example of all revival preaching like that of John the Baptist who welcomed the visitors to his River meetings with the vigor of “you brood of vipers…”! (See Luke 3).

Are you being prepared for this type of Ps. 110 end time Scriptural war by the messages you are now listing to?

Are you being spotlighted and cleansed of the vipers in your life and character by a Elijah (John the Baptist) voice in the wilderness?

Or are you being prepped by the contemporary messages that promise comfort, materialism, self-improvement, and “the good life”?

It is time dear ones to do a self audit and take immediate evasive actions out of the strong contemporary winds of the doctrines of men…and instead look for that prevailing gentle whisper that comes from His secret place in this hour (I Kings 19:12). And this gentle whisper breeze is what sent Elijah back into war and out of the protection of the cave of hiding from Jezebel’s ranting rhetoric…

Let this Javelin of Shavuot pierce you, smite you, and return you back to your first love and active duty on His front lines. You are needed by the Commander and Chief in this late hour!

In His Service for Your Faith,

Scott & Dalit Holtz

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