Operation Imminent Trumpet, Prophetic Warning


Shalom Fellow Vertical Warriors,

Today begins the Biblical Feast of Shavuot (i.e.Pentecost) which always directs my mind back to the time of the 120 disciples tarrying for 50 days in Jerusalem for the promise of the Holy Spirit! As you know from our past EMM entitled, The Javelin of Shavuot, the Holy Spirit has been signaling that there is a whole new move now happening on planet earth that will be very different than the last 2,000 years of Church history (i.e. early rains). This Early and Latter combination of rain is in the form of the justice and judgment of God and we all better wake up to this and quit always seeking out the soft ear tickling messages of “God’s acceptance” …and truly learn to repent!

There is no greater warning to me that we are now in this new Shavuot (i.e. Pentecost) outpouring than what just happened to me. Earlier this afternoon I received a phone call from a very anointed and powerful ministry couple in Canada that they had shocking news to share with me…and then asked if I was “sitting down…”. They then detailed to me that a major Spirit-filled leader of Canadian Christian TV has just stepped down because of a scandalous adultery. When they told me this I was not shocked at all…instead I just felt compassion and sadness because I know this man and his ministry. My thoughts quickly went back to over 2 years ago when he and his gracious wife interviewed me on their popular weekly program. It was a not a great time, but a very frustrating interview because whenever I began to speak about the judgment of God coming and holiness, this host would interrupt and shut me down. To the causal onlooker it was a very interesting dynamic that began to build on this TV set…it was obvious he was trying to water down my message, but his wife kept probing me for more prophetic words for Canada and then further details about our book The Mystery of Lawlessness. Finally when the interview concluded, I sounded the shofar and this host suddenly could not speak (literally)! I knew it was God warning this man to basically “shut up” and quit interfering with warning the nation on coast to coast TV.

A few months later I was surprised to get a call back from this popular Canadian Christian TV couple desiring yet another interview. Upon arriving on the set…they proceeded to tell me how they had received letters from their viewers’ upset that they had not given me more time to warn and exhort Canada. Yet again this interview never really got off the ground and at the conclusion they wanted me to sound the shofar again over Canada. However, this time when I did… a candle on the set behind me suddenly exploded and began to burn parts of the set! This created no little stir among the staff and “chief intercessor” saying in panic, “what could this mean?” I knew exactly what God was signaling and began to probe off stage to speak into this man’s life about his secret sin and his control…but was again immediately shut down. Even though we received later many requests from their viewing audience to again return to that program…this man would have nothing to do with me and never once returned any of my multiple phone calls and emails to get into dialogue with him the last 24 months. Sad to say it is very obvious why he did not want to talk…he was in sin and those who are in the darkness hate those who are walking in the light (John 3:19-21). The sin of being a Spirit-filled minister in the national spotlight and hanging out with all the “soft prophets” and then to suddenly fall into disgusting adultery did not happen overnight…it was a long process of being warned and never laminating and fearing the justice of God! I feel so sad for his graceful wife, children, and their staff…. Again Canada has to endure another public scandal because a Levite could not keep his “Levi’s” on!

After this episode I had with this man, I noticed the prophetic consortium of people that gathered around this man were those who peddled the “soft prophetic” messages. Then what came forth from this camp was a demonic jealous revenge against myself and the message we bring. Many meetings and relationships throughout Canada were evaporating from us due to the whispering of these people! Again it can be traced to those who do not want to be exposed for their sin. Thus, such is the nature of the true prophetic ministry and it is a place of loving the truth yet having to go outside the camp and bear His reproach (Hebrews 13).

Then again today, I received another phone call for a 2nd time from my Canadian minister friend who spoke of another sudden dire emergency with still yet another minister in this area…who right now is being operated on and in a very critical condition. Unfortunately again, this is another of the same “soft prophetic” ministers who also refuses to repent for spreading slander about us all over Canada and again is at odds with the message we bring (i.e. The Mystery of Lawlessness). I know that the severe judgment hand of God is now falling in the North American church and that this has never been more highlighted than today…today is Pentecost (i.e. Shavuot)! The minister on the phone then concluded to tell me that they are going to sow $120.00 into our Israel operation and encouraged all the others on our mailing list to do the same today…it was going to be a supernatural sign of blessings!

Dear fellow warriors, I’m very concerned that many are not waking up and hearing the 911 trumpet call to repent. Here are two ministers, one in the most tragic state of adultery and the other in an emergency surgery because they did not listen to the prophetic words of warning we delivered to them. I need not go into any more detail…God is vindicating this ministry, but that is not my preoccupation today. My desire is to warn even more people of the current new Pentecost outpouring we are now facing! I encourage you to not delete these “agitating” emails I send out, but press into repentance and realize that God is not mocked, whatever you have been sowing secretly is going to be revealed! Repent and quit running from the light…especially you ministers out there who get our emails!!!! This is a warning!!! Let Him agitate you to humility and repentance!

We need your support and this dear friend that called me earlier today suggested that I should ask the many people (who do not have much) and who get our emails to each send in $120.00 (minimum) and then this operation can purchase this facility and we all go into the next level for Israel!

So don’t hit that delete button…your miracle is in listening to His prophets …thus shall you prosper.

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit Holtz

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