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Desert Shepherd Warrior, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Reconnaissance

The Special Psychological Ops of God

It is the hour for the men and women of God to arise and bring confusion to the camps of the enemy. May this EMM be a catalyst for this to take place in your life! I have been studying the tactical warfare aspects of dreams and visions God uses to paralyze the will of [...]

Counter Terrorism Update, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Reconnaissance

Preparing For Post-Trauma Terrorism

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Friends and Fellow Special Ops, May the glory of His nearness be your strength in this late hour! Abba has given me some fresh manna for the race of faith that you are in that undoubtedly will encourage you and then propel you forward into a new fearless atmospherics [...]

Desert Shepherd Warrior, Operation Imminent Trumpet, Reconnaissance


Dear Friends and Fellow Warriors, Shalom and blessings from Israel! May His glorious presence equip and refresh you in this exciting hour! There is a new wind blowing in this land and may this update unfold for you the secret things God is doing here. Something new is breaking out! As many of you know, [...]