Shalom Friends,

In our pursuit to please Abba in this late hour, we have stumbled by His divine providence, upon a new paradigm of thinking that has changed the way I view the current “professional” Sunday morning system that has evolved in current Church history. To really please Abba you must know not only what pleases Him (i.e. Hebrews 10 and 11), but also what He ruthlessly hates. And I want to be one who hates what He hates and love what He loves!

In Hosea 9:15, the prophet is identifying by the Spirit of God what is the epicenter of all Israel’s spiritual adulteries against Him and it is identified by the reference to the location known as Gilgal. What is also very interesting is that this is the same exact area that the voice in the wilderness calls out bringing the people into repentance according to (Isaiah 40 and Mark 1). Not only was Gilgal in the book of Joshua the place that God rolled back their shame of unbelief of not wanting to go to war and thus went on a 40 year wilderness death march. But it also the place that God re-rolled back on them (even to this day) the shame of wanting not to go to war anymore and instead want to be like the other nations and demanded a king to fight for them. This is so powerful dear friends! We must fathom this truth if we are to really please Him in this hour! We must hate what he hates no matter our minds say to the contrary!

Not much is known about this mysterious place in today’s modern archeology, so in our quest to discover what really happened at Gilgal, we took a special operation there last week to sound the trumpet in this desert area.

Could it be that the true message of Elijah (i.e. John the Baptist) of the voice calling in the wilderness, that this time will prepare the way for the second coming of our Lord, will not happen until every crooked place is made straight or the sin of Gilgal is revealed and repented of in this hour? Is this not the key how to truly comfort God’s people in this hour and it is to remove the sin/shame of rejecting Him for a manmade professional king system and thus in rejecting this, we are finally truly able to fight and win wars (Is. 40:1)! Especially against radical Islam in this hour!!!

I truly believe this is the case and historical precedent points to this conclusion, so enjoy viewing this short video clip and study out these Scriptural references for your upcoming week of victories in God ordained operations and hostage rescue warfare!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit