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Operation Imminent Trumpet, Prophetic Warning, Reconnaissance

Moving in Godly Fear

Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, The photo in today’s email says it all… This was taken in our backyard during a extremely rare cloud formation in Israel this month that produced a clarity that seemed almost surreal. When I saw this cloud formation, I just stopped my intensive Hebrew language studies and stood starring for [...]

Counter Terrorism Update, Operation Imminent Trumpet

The Miracle at Dimona

Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, We have posted here a new video clip of the miracle that happened in Dimona, Israel this past week. As many of you know from the news reports there was last week a tragic double suicide bombing attack that claimed the life of one Israeli lady and wounding several others [...]

Desert Shepherd Warrior, Encouragement, Reconnaissance

The Wasteland Intoxication Effect (Part 2)

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Friends, Rav (mega) shalom to you from the Middle East! Huge storms have been battering this region this past week, but the rains are such a blessing to this dry land! Some folks just complain about everything here (i.e. too cold; too much snow; too much wind), but I [...]