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Counter Terrorism Update

The Real Story Behind The Massive Missile Barrage From Gaza On June 12, 2008

Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, We have just completed some very exciting footage of a counter-terrorism operation on the Gaza border from last week. If there was ever a video that seemed to have all different types of anointing embedded in it…then this is the one! There is intercession, exhortations, teaching, on-site real time prophetic [...]

Encouragement, Special Operations

A Mystery In The Sea

Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)! Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors, We are in the midst of the celebration of the national Holiday of Shavuot (Pentecost) here in Israel and thus may new mega outpourings of His Spirit be upon you and your sphere of activity and responsibility! There has recently been a new wave of [...]