Shalom Friends and Fellow Warriors,

We have just completed some very exciting footage of a counter-terrorism operation on the Gaza border from last week. If there was ever a video that seemed to have all different types of anointing embedded in it…then this is the one! There is intercession, exhortations, teaching, on-site real time prophetic accuracy, angelic visitation and protection, divine favor, and justice against terrorism all in the same 21 minute video clip! Viewing this afternoon miracle event will infuse you with a boldness and courage to rise up and follow His cloud that is moving into battle!

Sit back dear fellow warriors and drink in the fresh anointing that is upon this footage. This was a bold operation into the valley of the shadow of death and as we exited was later pounded with a 50 missile barrage! Why did the terrorists try so hard to take us out? Click the link below and find out why!

Glory to God!

(Click Here to Watch)

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit