Shalom Friends and Fellow Asymmetrical Warriors,

This is the 4th update to the 2008 Summer Special Ops we are now conducting here in the Promised Land!  I have entitled this update Where Eagles Fly due to the unique vantage point we were given in a recent one-of-a-kind CT operation in Northern Israel.  Very few people in Israel have been allowed to go where we were taken along the Syrian border, high above the alpine and in a no-man’s land of mystery and stealth.  This is where the eyes, ears, and nose of the IDF eagles search out for the barbaric evil arrayed against our tiny nation!

The enclosed photos I have been allowed to share in this update were taken by the IDF commanding officer who was accompanying us.  We were standing literally thousands of meters above the adjoining borders of Syria and Lebanon.  As he was scanning with his “eagle eyes”, suddenly and excitedly, he noticed the sighting of illegal Syrian drug/weapons runners in the no-man’s land below.  What looked like ants to our human eye thousands of meters below us (but revealed easily by high tech equipment), was actually a secret group smuggling in drugs, weapons, and/or serial murderers into Lebanon.  As we stood outside perched like eagles on top of an IDF bunker complex, the air just filled my senses with the Spirit of Justice and the Majesty of God on how He loves to uncover the works of darkness and evil.  I stood there in tears, again amazed at how unprecedented it is how the Spirit of God keeps having us be at the right places at the right time to counter these dark stealth maneuvers of the enemy!  


I cannot say much more about these ongoing CT operations we are now continuing to conduct here Israel…but what I can say is that these special ops have led to a vast array of new spiritual weaponry that beautifully interfaces with the natural IDF army here on the ground.  It is without a doubt the darkest spiritual war that faces our generation (i.e. global jihad).  However, we have found that living a certain faith lifestyle following the book of Judges (i.e. the Desert Shepherd Warrior paradigm) has given us victory after victory in this dark battlefield!  I have been saying it for years now…we just keep continuing to see this pattern of tactical CT warfare keep yielding huge results here on the ground in Israel.  Now is not the time to sit on our laurels and write profitable testimony books to satisfy the curiosity seekers out there.  No!  Now is the time to keep moving forward like a flashflood!  It is time to take this CT battle right into the gates of the enemy!!!  Who wants to join us in this epic battle that has already been won!

So they will fear the name of the LORD from the west
And His glory from the rising of the sun,
For He will come like a rushing stream
Which the wind of the LORD drives.
Isaiah 59:19 NASB


In His service for your faith,